Is bruce wayne a narcissists

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i'm not trynna spam the fourms i just want some fans to answer this question i read the comics but i don't know alot about bruce wayne i saw more of bruce wayne in the animated series then in the comics.

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Have you done any of your own research? Just typing "Batman narcissism" into google I found an article about Batman and narcissism. I'm sure that article has more information on narcissism than I do.

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He would be if he knew how many fans would castrate themselves to touch the Batmobile lol

I do not think that is an accurate description. At times Batman can seem self absorbed, but in general anyone who would put themselves through the hell of being Batman is not a narcissist.

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Narcissists do not care about anybody else. Does not apply to Batman...unless you are getting into All Star Batman which is its own thing.

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