In the eyes of the enemy, a video.

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Hi all! I just found an ok cool video showing the perspetive from the enemys POV. and I must say, its pretty horrifying.

Its an experimental video, showing the point of viev of the persons who are not important to the story, just the regular thugs.

Story behind the video: A group of mercenaries is sent to force some scientists into accessing and stealing some vital data for the creation of biological weapons. These terrorists are badly trained and easily scared. And what's worse? That the goddamn Batman is hunting them down and they haven't even heard about him. They never stood a chance.

Its worth every 4:35 minutes of your time, it gets intense at the end.

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Hope you like it? :)

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That was utterly awesome, I'm not going to be able to play the Arkham Games again without thinking about this, well done to whoever made it, and thank you for sharing it.

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yeah right! That was nice! Thx!

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I thought it was pretty cool

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nice, of course the graphics are not the sharpest but one has to imagine like comics :P

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