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At the very beginning of the movie when the Joker is standing on the curb waiting to be picked up by the car, we see his mask. Then, when he gets into the car, he puts his mask on. Throughout the entire bank scene, he has his mask on, but when he takes his mask off to show the guy his face, we see his white face talking to the man.

So my question is, was the joker just standing on the sidewalk in BRIGHT DAYLIGHT with his crooked, cracked smile, and white face, where anyone who walked by him or anyone driving by him could see that he was standing on the side walk? Or did he put on make up to cover up his white face like he did during the parade?

My guess is that he put make up on to look somewhat normal, besides the scars like in the parade, but once he got into the van, just wiped his face and make up off.

What are other people's thoughts on this?

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at the end of batman begins we were informed that the joker escaped arkham recently and robbed a bank (so I'm guessing yes)

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So you do think he was standing on the sidewalk where everyone could see him in, wearing no disguise at all?

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from the sounds of things you think Nolan's Joker had a permanent white face from falling into acid and wore make up to cover it(like in Jack Nicholson movie) but in this Joker has a normal face, excluding the scars, and wore make up to look like a clown, sorry if you knew that it just sounded like otherwise.

as for your question I think he's just standing their, make-up on.....they say he's not afraid of showing his face, he looks into all the camera's so I dunno why he'd hide it

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No one knew who the Joker really looked like is my guess.  Or he just didn't care.

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Constantine, I know how they're different versions of the joker and the reason why his face is white. I BELIEVE that in TDK, he painted his face white. But what makes me wonder is, say if he was standing on the street waiting for the car with no white make-up on, but then ended up putting the paint on in the van with the two thugs up front? I would think that the two thugs up front would be a little weirded out and realize that sitting behind them WAS the actual joker.

Because if he was standing there with his make-up on, and a policemen drove or walked by, they would instantly know who the Joker was and chaos would just break loose, and he would be shot. Even though the Joker loves chaos, a cop driving or a cop standing within shooting distance of the Joker when he wasn't looking could just shoot him and kill him.

I know this isn't a big deal or important part at all in the movie. But when my curiosity gets just goes off.

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I'm sure he put the makeup on before getting in the van.  He put the mask on before he jumped into the van, so he must have had the makeup on.  As for the cops, they just weren't there.  Its a movie, so that can happen. 

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I wondered about this, too!

Would they be referencing the early Batman comics in which Joker is released from prison frequently, and no one gives him a second glance when he does 'normal things': IE: buying a house, getting a job, etc? This would fix the 'wait- why isn't anyone running AWAY from him..?' 'plot-hole'.

It's true that he wants everyone 'to see what happened to him and how he's transformed', with make up over the top as a 'new persona/mask' to mirror Bruce Wayne's Batman persona- but I'm still unsure about whether or not Nolan's actually confirmed that Joker has been in Arkham -BEFORE- The Dark Knight, and if he was a 'known' killer/robber before. In Begins, Gordon just mentioned that he's 'new', and he's been robbing banks.

In The Dark Knight, 'Melvin White' is a combo-ref to his nephew Melvin Reipan, and Joker's one-of-many-aliases, White/Mr White; so I'm also unsure if Nolan 'wanted you to believe' that he USED to be a man called Melvin White. Or if Melvin was his nephew. Or a thug. Or someone who owned the apartment that he just took over one day. I'm hoping it's for the latter; a thug/random bystander, NOT who he was 'before'.

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My guess would be that Joker had his paint on. So far in the movies he hasn't done much to the public, so he's just a weirdo on the pavement isn't he?

There is a double name reference in TDK tho, close to the middle. Batman and Gordon finds two people killed by Joker. Richard Dent and Patrick Harvey. Harvey Dent.

As for Joker references to the comics in the movie, there are plenty of loose ones. But as far as I can tell they are very ambigous, they point toward the Miller's "Dark Knight" ambitions toward a more vulnerable and realistic Batman, while refering to the other comics as well. Sorry for not checking sources and links but that would take a few days if not weeks.

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