Imagine Batman with a superpower

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I have designed this Bat Hat and am selling for $20! Please visit for details.

I don't think that kind of stuff is allowed here...

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Cosmic powers. Kind of like nova

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Batman doesn't need powers.

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@stronger said:

Batman doesn't need powers.


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Empathy and emotional manipulation. But he doesn't really need powers.

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@gammbitt said:

If they were to give Batman a superpower what would it be, im just a little curious i would give him teleportation

- I would give him the kahunas/balls to actually kill when necessary.

- It's apparently a "superpower" that Richard and Barbara already have. Poor Bruce.

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- It's apparently a "superpower" that Richard and Barbara already have. Poor Bruce.

What ?

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@thejman251 said:


- It's apparently a "superpower" that Richard and Barbara already have. Poor Bruce.

What ?

- I'm basically saying that Bruce lacks the will/balls/kahunas to kill to avenge his son or protect his family, or even his city when necessary.

- It's something that Richard and Barbara aren't afraid to do, and it's something that i respect them much more than Bruce for.

- However, i won't be surprised if you disagree with me as many traditional fans who like the "no killing" rule do(i'm not necessarily saying that you are one of these people either.).

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I wouldn't mind if Batman went under similar augmentations such as Captain America or Master Chief to make him more significant and impressive in the massive DC universe.

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Yellow Lantern ring, he would be unstoppable.

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Didn't we have this already with Batman of Zur-En-Arrh?

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A Batman doesn't need powers....

He is POWER. :p

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I would simply grant Batman Low Metahuman status, similar to what Black Panther, Deathstroke, and Captain America have. Nothing more. If you look at all of his feats pre New 52 and even some post New 52, Batman already appears to have metahuman qualities, two examples would be literally deflecting bullets with his fist and dodging light beams.

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Batman does not need superpowers he is a superpower

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hes a detective now imagine a detective with superpowers not so apealing now right?

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@jasraj: in an alternative universe there was never read just heard of it

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@lifeofvibe: He has gotten superman's powers once and went mad with power, in batman superman

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If he were to have a superpower it would have to be something light, maybe an enhanced sense of smell.. haha makes sense if you think about it.

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he has to have bat-related powers

telepathy, super-hearing, sonic scream

he doesn't have to be able to fly; spider-man's webs are usually artificial

but he still needs training; that's what makes him special

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I said it before...make batman a Vampire. Not just a Blade clone but a peak vampire. He would be to a vampire what Captain America is to an average person. He gains some telepathy or temporary mind control by using the force of his will. He could instill even more fear. Add some low or medium level TK ala Jedi and some shadow or darkness manipulation.

It can sound cheesy but both are creatures of the night, and he can take on more powerful foes on his own. He's got some powers, but he would still have to rely on his skills because he's nowhere close to herald level and things that could kill a human could still affect him, so I'd say being a class 4 would be a good balance.

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  • Super martial arts - like him back in the day
  • Hyperspace gadget belt - adam west b!tches
  • Sound effect punches - these bad boys
  • Using guns - golden age dat sh!t

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the goddam batman dosen't need superpowers!!!!! DD:<

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@deathpoolthet1000: Hahahaha I've seen a few of your posts today and all of them involve a butt load of funny ass and interesting pictures. I commend you sir.

EDIT: Didn't even realize that was from more than 2 years ago lol.

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I think Batman's level of physicality is impossible to achieve in the real world. So, to me, he already is "super-powered."

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If Batman had powers before he became a superhero he wouldn't be half as good... If he got them when he was in the prime of his career however he would be UNSTOPABLE

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A green lantern story arc with him obtaining a ring would be ridiculous! Kinda cool to think about

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unlimited stamina

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I still like the idea of Yellow lantern batman

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batman has power... money makes him the most powerful thing in the world. money makes power, in batman's case a super power

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Shadow manipulation fo sho.

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He'd be Galactus level.

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I would give him a Green Lantern Corps ring and kill off Guy Gardner. However, he would only use it when dealing with Green Lantern business like trouble on other planets.

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Batman kicks ass without superpowers.

Remember, he's batman.

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Batman would be invincible if he had superman's super powers, combined with his intellect and fighting skills, he would be invincible!

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@gammbitt: if they were to give batman any super power I'd probably say something cliche as to flying, indestriblity, and the power to read minds. Either of those sounds like it'd help him out.

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The same as Deathstroke's powers and the ability to fly.

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He has one, its called PIS powers.

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He has one, its called PIS powers.


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It will be interesting an arc that batman obtains a yellow ring and he tries to convert the siniestro corps into a force of good through fear, and in the end they recall the corps to Batman corps

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he dosent need batman has got stealth and he is smart and if he had it will be understanding bats and calling them to help him but not transforming into a bat that is ridicules

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Basically this would be batman with powers.

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Batman does have one super power that everyone acknowledged. His mind, his mental stability. Because of his intelligence he has kicked so much ass its not even funny. because of his skills, his style, etc. are all fused by his mental stability he is such a great super hero. the reason why he is wanked constantly, called batgod, the peak of chuck norris's nightmares is because batman has fought people who even the JLA would have had problems with. The reason so is because of his enemies mental stability. Joker for example, he can go from telling a joke to shaking your hand all the way to trying to kill you. He founded the JLA and created the watch tower in several reincarnations, with prep time against an opponent you already know the person fighting him is doomed. With the exception of DeathStroke. His intelligence, his resources and his skills and mastery of over 100 martial arts is enough to give him the title of a super hero.

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@deathhero61 said:

Basically this would be batman with powers.

This pic is awesome.


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Radar like Dare Devil. Then he'd REALLY be Batman.

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@biospike: Batman as a Green Lantern wouldn't be as affective as being a Yellow Lantern because I'm sure Batman's power of fear out weighs the Imagination, Creativity and Willpower

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Batman's superpower is the car. Chicks dig the car.

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Well, actually his list of powers is right here:


Attractive Male
Escape Artist
Insanely Rich
Power Suit
Unarmed Combat
Weapon Master

Any more would probably make the universe melt

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