Imagine Batman replacing Nite Owl on Watchmen

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Well, as the movie was nearing release - non-fanboys of the comic thought Nite Owl was much like Batman. Well, in terms of, appearance and minor wealth, that's about it - Rorschach is the closest character to Batman. But, I thought it would be better if I replace Nite Owl with Batman on the team - for some reason, everytime I think of Batman as a Watchmen member, I see him as Nite Owl... So if Batman replaced Nite Owl - how would things go? Would he be Rorschach's superhero-detective partner? Would he hook up with Silk Spectre?

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batman would never work with Rorshach becuase he's willing to kill if it comes to it and is known for brutally beating criminals and has a radically different view on crime fighting and society than batman. and batman might have a one night stand with silk spectre but, batmans not good at relationships

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Eh I don't think Batman would fit with being a Watchmen, just about all of them were willing to actually kill if it came down to it whereas Batman would never do such a thing. Besides the Watchmen were actually street characters, meaning they were trained just well enough to actually do what they were doing whereas if you put in Batman you take away that aspect of the Watchmen.

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Batman stops Ozy.

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Doctor Manhattan see's Batman coming into the Watchmen universe and explodes in fear, unable to reform. His death results in Ozymandias not having a way to cause a large scale natural disaster and frame an unnatural threat. Therefore, Batman solves all of Watchmen before even arriving.

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@Wolfrazer: darkseid does not agree

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@JohnnyWalker:  He didn't kill Darkseid, just mortally wounded him and besides even if he did that was just an exception. 
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@Wolfrazer: still counts

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@JohnnyWalker:  Not really since Batman didn't actually kill him.
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@Wolfrazer:didn't he still die?

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Batman and Rorschach togethr. OHH MY!!!!!!!!!!

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