If you had 4 Batman titles...

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So currently Batman is the main character of 5 DC Comics, and his family makes about 1/5 of the 52 comics DC has (maybe even 1/4 now with Talon coming on bored). However from what it seems of his 5 titles they are all trying to show the same Batman, which is inefficient and redundant (but hey I am never going to say no to more books). So if you were to run the current 5 books what would you have them be about?

Batman would be about his modern day adventures in Gotham, maybe focus on the physical, action adventure side of things. Main rogues gallery should be in this book.

Detective Comics would follow the namesake and really be the book of mysteries. Showing Batman solving the gritty crimes, really showing how he is the master detective. The more "real" interpretation where Batman goes up against every day thugs, rapists, etc. Maybe even him fight against the white collar crimes to like extortion, and other corporate crimes. Lots of detective work involved.

Batman: Dark Knight could easily follow Batman's past. New 52 means new universe, and while sure they state Batman's history is much intact, it totally isn't. The characters are there and sure No Man's Land might've happened, or Batman might've been sent back in time. But lets explore the twists of how it happened.

Batman & Robin could be simply his relationship with Robin and how he handles having a partner or a sidekick. But I would take that opportunity to expand it and make it the Batman family book and really show Batman's relationship with the rest of his family, like the other past Robin's and Batgirl's (and an awesome opportunity for steph and cass to return!)

Batman Inc. would be an opportunity to show Batman's view on global issues. The world has many problems, and maybe Batman could help. I would also take advantage of this time to really focus on diversity. This book could become the X-Men of DC, where it really tackles huge issues related to diversity and prejudice. Racism, extremism, xenophobia, even prejudices against different religions are rarely addressed in comics in general, and this is a great book to tackle it especially since JLI is being canceled.

So what would you do? Other ideas could be

A batman book based on his more fantastical adventures with magic, sci fi, and all sorts of impossibilities!

Or a book on his adventures as Bruce Wayne training across the world and learning the different skills that he has. Would be pretty cool to see those adventures and see who taught him and what they taught him.

A horror book? Vertigo style, I mean lets be honest Batman has the freakiest rogues out there, could totally work.

A comic geared more towards children possibly, get them while they are young cause lets be honest, way to many old people like comics and not enough young people.

So any thoughts?

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I like your ideas for all of the books.

Batman is perfect how it is, a sort of dark, mysterious adventure book.

Detective Comics should be detective work, like you said. I think they should try to make more stories like Legends of the Dark Knight, rather than what they're doing now.

Batman: The Dark Knight is kind of hopeless. I'm not sure what it's supposed to be right now, but it is uninteresting. I guess they could try looking at stuff from the past, like you said, but maybe it would be better to just put an end to that book (unless they can think of some way to make it different from Batman or Detective Comics).

Batman and Robin is already a good book, not much to add to your ideas.

I haven't really read Batman Inc, but I guess it's pretty cool, so long as Batman doesn't reveal his secret identity anytime soon. I hope they explain how Batman Inc has been created in the New 52 universe in Batman #0 or one of the #0 comics. It seems rather vague at the moment.

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I like all of your ideas, although there may be a limit on how much material they could think up for Dark Knight before sales drop. I do want to say I like your idea on Batman and Robin, but I feel the book should be focusing on Damian alone, not the other Robins, and not even Batman much. I think they should make a Robins book or maybe even Batman and the Robins, if they wanted to do that.

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I see where you are going there but the Dynamic Duo should be focused on the the duo, not just one of them. Maybe make a Robin solo series for damian?

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@batshrine said:

I see where you are going there but the Dynamic Duo should be focused on the the duo, not just one of them. Maybe make a Robin solo series for damian?

Yeah, I agree. But I meant that it should focus on Damian more than it does on Batman. I'm kinda meh on Damian getting a solo series.

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I don't know, for me everything is alright

Batman: I can't complain about it, it's Batman's best current ongoing

Batman and Robin: The focus on their relationship is very good, recent numbers have explored a bit of Family relationships, a nice thing, definitely they have to do that more often and not just for a story arc, because the idea is good

Batman Inc: It's pretty much Batman Inc. vs Leviathan ....... I can't complain about this either because Morrison had us (or at least me) hooked by a long damn time with that :I (Also it's continuity is weird... but with Morrison you can't expect have everything clear :P) But I hope after Morrison goes, they make something like your idea.

Batman The Dark Knight: Now starting with the 10th issue things are going better, this is a...mmm.... more human view of Bruce (and so Batman) in this kind of situations like handling a relationship, Jim Gordon kidnapped, trying to get valuable information from a little traumatized girl, yep more human I said

In Detective Comics, I don't read that but I'm 100% sure isn't what it's title says, needs more brains

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I have been reading Batman, and it is great! Amazing artwork, good story arc, and now I think they are starting a "Death of the Family" story arc.

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I just wish there were 13 or 14 more Batman books. We don't have enough of them.

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Batman would be left as it is.

Detective Comics would deal more with Tim Drake, Spoiler, The Grey Ghost, Renee Montoya, Captain Sawyer, the cop that tim teamed with a bit. They would focus on solving crimes via detective work rather than bang pow zoom.

Batman and Robin would focus more on Damian, Dicks, and Jason Todd's relationship with each other and Bruce.

The Dark Knight would focus on the earlier years and on more fantastical things that would co-star Zatanna and perhaps a time traveling Black alice or what's her name, the girl in the Flashpoint universe that traveled around the universe and had major magical powers.

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Honestly I would love for their to be a Bruce Wayne: The Journey comic, where we follow Bruce Wayne in his trainings pre Batman

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