If I Relaunched Batman

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The word relaunch is included in a shameless attempt to get people to read this blog. Think of this as my version of Batman. Given that my version of Batman would exist in an alternate reality please keep in mind that the past or present might be very different on an alternate earth.

My thought for a relaunched Batman is to have Bruce Wayne be raised by Katherine Kane, his aunt, and Renee Montoya, Gotham City Police Chief, following his parents’ murder. Bruce Wayne would begin operating as Batman in 1939 with Talia al Ghul as Robin. Bruce Wayne would also participate in founding Checkmate. Bruce Wayne’s primary allies would be Alfred Pennyworth, Catwoman, and Tarantula. Bruce Wayne’s primary enemies would be the Religion of Crime as led by Elizabeth Kane, his other aunt. Bruce Wayne would stop operating as Batman in 1951 with the defeat of the Religion of Crime. During most of Bruce Wayne’s career as Batman, Harvey Kent (with half his face scarred) would be Gotham City’s District Attorney and James Gordon would be Gotham City’s Police Chief. Bruce Wayne would succeed James Gordon as Police Chief. In his later career Bruce Wayne would serve as a United States senator and then as U.S. President.

In 1951, Dick Grayson would take over for Bruce Wayne as Batman. His Robin would be Barbara Essen, James Gordon’s daughter. Dick Grayson’s allies would include the Musketeer (Bilal Asselah), Crimson Fox (Constance D’Armis), Mr. Unknown, Peacock, Knight (Beryl Hutchinson), and Raven Red. Dick Grayson’s primary enemies would be the Black Glove. Dick Grayson would eventually become the United States ambassador to South Africa and Barbara Essen would become Gotham City’s Police Chief and a member of Congress. In 1974, David Zavimbi would take over as Batman with his wife Helena al Ghul as Robin. Their allies would include Nightwing (Damian Wayne), Flamebird (Koriand’r), Duela Dent, Enigma (Stephanie Brown), Creeper, and Lightning. Their primary enemies would be the League of Assassins as led by Whisper A’Daire. In 1986, Jason Todd, son of Bianca Steeplechase, would take over as Batman with his wife Mary Essen as Robin. Their primary enemies would be Deathstroke and his family. In 2009, Timothy Drake would take over as Batman with his wife Tamara al Ghul as Robin. Their allies would include Flamebird (Thomas Wayne Jr.), Nightwing (Sasha Bordeaux), Talon (Cassandra Woosan), Lightning II, Thunder, and Grace Choi. Their initial crime fighting efforts would be focused on defeating the Circus of the Strange. In 2025, Terrence Drake would take over as Batman with his wife Dana Tan as Robin.

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This...is all stupid, sorry don't mean to be rude but I see nothing good or interesting about anything you laid out.

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I'm sorry, but this is retarded.

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ouch tough critics  
don't take it personal it's just the internet :-p

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talia as robin?
Harvey gotham's district attorney?  
Bruce as united states senator? 
Dick as batman with barbara essen as his robin? 
Damian as nightwing? 

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*snort snort*

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I mean no offense, but all of this is pretty off the wall. Are you trying to parody it or something?

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Sorry dude...But this is just as bad as the Superman one.

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@saturnssailor said:
I mean no offense, but all of this is pretty off the wall. Are you trying to parody it or something?
Your point is a good one. I borrowed a lot of my ideas from published Elseworld's stories. The off the wall feel probably comes from the way that I put together the elements from published stories.
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What if only one of Bruce Wayne's parents had been killed? Would that really make any difference? Would Martha -or Thomas- be aware of her/his son's secret?

Having said that, I would not relaunch Batman. Ever again.

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I like reading your (relaunch) ideas, but sadly like the masses I dislike your ideas too. Maybe instead of changing up characters that are well established and have everyone on comic vine write negative comments, maybe you can create your own universe? I am sure people would love it! You'd probably even notice a lot more positive comments going our way.

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And i thinked that Darren arofnosky ideas for Batman was the crazist crap i have ever read about Batman.

No, i mean, the ideaof reboot the universe could be cool, but change all the thing of the character you knew and love?

No one will like that.

Also Batman is Batman, becuase of his life ahcnge that and you dont get Batman, you get Ironman or Green Arrow.

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The only thing I'd change is to make Jason Todd & Spoiler into villains. I like the idea of Bruce training a bunch of younger vigilantes, & one or 2 going bad. Having made Dick into Nightwing, Kathy as Batwoman, Barbara still crippled as Oracle, Cass as Batgirl, Bette as Flambird. Maybe also some of the foreign Batnation as well.

But Renne NOT as the Question, as he'd be on Earth-5 as a member of the Shazam's League.

Also, Catwoman as a villain. & that White Rabbit chick as the "Harley" to the Mad Hatter.

It would continue into Batman Beyond.

I'd also have two version of Batman. One with the gritty realistic version on its own seperate earth-Prime without any of the Superman's, Wonder womans, aliens, gods, time travel, resurections etc. Were if a girl gets shot, she stays in a wheel chair. Only other "real" people like Green Arrow, the Question etc would exist.

The other one were anything comic booky goes.

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If I were to relaunch Batman, I would call it Holy Homo Batman. I've already pulled some of the scenes for it. Check it out!


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I don't think Batman can have parents. Parents are like role models. This is how you survive in the world see, son. But Bruce doesn't have that. He learns that if you follow normal grown up rules in an abnormal world crazy people will kill you.

Being an adult is a facade. In our world it is. A tie only seems different than a cape from our perspective. To cats it's all just something to nap on. Bruce has to create a new kind of facade, something a thousand times stronger than an adult, so he creates the Batman. I think that's why attempts to introduce adult things like nine to five work or a family ruin Batman stories. Batman is not an adult. No responsible adult spends thousand of dollars on dangerous boomerangs.

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@Altarbo: Well, first let me clarify that this response to your reply is -by now- completely removed from the fictional reality of Batman and, hence, pure speculation. With that caveat in mind, I'd say that I still partly disagree with your comment.

I do agree that there is something rather infantile about the idea of Batman. Not something childish, not that at all, but rather -like I think you were saying- some form of very clearly defined arrested development. As you said, he is the way he is because he lost his parents. He constantly relives that moment to the point where he is stuck in that moment. He has not yet got over that trauma. (And we, the readers, do not want him to get over it, because the day he does he might very well abandon his crime-fighting career.)

Nevertheless, I can easily imagine a parallel -say, Elseworlds- scenario in which only Bruce Wayne's mother was killed that night. He would have then (I speculate) blamed his father -at least to some extent- or grown up with some chip on his shoulder of the you-were-not-man-enough-to-save-mom or it-should-have-been-you-and-not-her-you-bastard type, whether consciously or subconsciously. As it is, Batman is constantly attempting to avenge his parents death; the way I have just described it, he would be attempting to fill his father's shoes in life. I still think there is plenty of room for trauma, friction, crime-fighting drama, and perhaps even Oedipal tension. It would not necessarily make for Comics Code Authority monthly magazine for kids, as it tends to be children's parents' money that pays for those purchases, and presumably parents would not buy their kids a comic book where the protagonist hates his father and/or mother.

The parallel scenario I suggested (and only because it was the topic of the thread) did not allow for two living parents, just one.

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