I Didn't Get The "Joke" of Death of the Family

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During my initial reading of "Death of the Family," I failed to grasp the concept of the "joke" or the events that alluded to the meaning of it, until I read the reviews of Batman #17. Of course, I now know what the joke is: the Joker disbanded the Bat-family without killing any of its members, or even seriously injuring any of them physically. When looking at the final pages of Batman #17, I thought that when the family is telling Bruce that they aren't available to talk, their captivation by the Joker would only have short term ramifications. The idea that the events that occurred in Death in the Family would extend consequences for a much longer time never graced my mind. Not being able to conceive the message that Snyder had created has made me question my ability to analyze comics to a certain degree (this has happened multiple times with many comics). So, my questions are: how easy was it for you to grasp the concept of Death of the Family? Do you sometimes fail to understand the ideas or ramifications in certain comics?If so, when? Thanks.

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Almost anything can be interpreted as a joke including all life. Interpretation of comic book stories also vary widely and it all depends on the peculiarities of the interpreter. Just learn to love your own interpretation of stories and don't get intimidated by other interpretations, bec we are all fallible creatures.

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Thank you

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