How would you continue Nolan's series (Heavy Spoilers!!!!)

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WARNING: If you haven't seen the end of The Dark Knight Rises or searched the internet for the films plot than don't read anything from this thread.

Ok, you've been warned.

So with the realization that the character of John "Robin" Blake has inherited the legacy of Batman and Bruce is happy and out in the world with Selina, how do you think a continuation of the series should go if Nolan were to keep making films?

Personally, I don't think Blake should become Batman. It would be too weird to have Batman active in Gotham when a statue was erected in his honor. However, the Bat symbol could be used still as it represents the idea of Batman and his legacy more than the person himself. So I think it would be appropriate for Blake's character to take the identity of Nightwing. However, the film didn't show a character that was really a good fighter. So I think it would be interesting if the film alluded to (but didn't show) the fact Blake seeks Bruce out and receives training before returning to Gotham and starting his career. It would also be an interesting change of pace if the kids in the orphanage were aware of Blake's identity (as he takes to working at the orphanage as his cover) and were a part of his supporting cast (much in the same way Zorro was always supported by the priests and townspeople).

As for a villain, I don't think it would be wrong to keep bringing up Batman's rogue gallery rather than try and invent new one's. Nolan had done a great job with each villain so far (though I didn't really like the twisting of Talia and Bane's origin but it was better than what Bane's origin could have been) so it would be nice to see some of the others get the same treatment. Personally I'd would like to see either the Penquin or Black Mask be the next villain as both would work well in a storyline where, with the Dent Acts repeal, organized crime returns to Gotham and part of the films focus is Blake trying to stop a power struggle and turf war as one (or possibly both) of these villains strives to become the head of Gotham's criminals.

Would give the next film a nice "Batman Beyond" feel given the underground popularity of the character's tv show and rising popularity in comics with the Beyond titles as part of the new 52.

I would not bring back Bruce, Selina, or Alfred directly though keeping Lucius would be appropriate.

Just a fun, elseworlds-style discussion for those that want to do a bit of fanfic without the need for incredibly long postings (plus I'm no good at writing actual stories but idea sharing is always fun and easy).

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This is a good idea. I feel like Blake's first villain should be the Penguin. I feel like since Gotham was destroyed, someone would start profiteering off it's rebuilding that man could be Cobblepot. Since a lot of the streets have to rebuilt you can (pardon the future pun) cement him into the history by saying the Cobblepots were rich because they made the cobblestone roads in england, and now Oswald is the heir to the money and the construction company. Cobblepot also owns the iceberg lounge which now is used for illegal activities. and for his illegal activities and his construction methods cobblepot begins to use orphans from the boys' home.

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Blake would pretty much have to become Batman. One of the whole points of his subplot with Bruce was that Batman was bigger than one man. Becoming Nightwing wouldnt exactly be the same as continuing the Batman legacy especially to the people of Gotham he would want to inspire and the criminals he would want to fear. Lucius and Gordon would need to come back though.

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I don't think Batman really died, not that the ending was anything to hint at that. Its just that throughout the movie he did a lot of un-batman moves, by getting caught and revealed by the police as well as showing up on the 10'o clock news. I think if he does come 'back' it would probably be more low-key, not really out there, but just have a quiet presence amongst gotham's citizens and thugs. I really don't see Blake taking up the mantel so quickly either, sure probably down the line ( as in the movie after next ) but not that fast. I'd sure hope not. >_>;

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Blake should have a cameo in Man of Steel, traveling the world and encountering Lady Shiva who trains him. Superman inspires him to become Nightwing.

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I didn't read everything but I do have an idea of how the the story can go on. Nolan will not make another batman movie, his arms are crossed.DC should just continue the story as a comic book format.

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To stay in tone with Nolan's movies, I'd have him carry on the legacy and become Batman, possibly fighting Hugo Strange or Black Mask.

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I really want a Robin or Nightwing movie, just to see it made.

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blake becomes nightwing. he faces cobblepot.trains with bruce and selina in europe. movie introduces batman inc type ideas with batman themed vigilanties popping up around the world on their own. lucious fox give nightwing a pair of high tech kali sticks to help him in combat.

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@sunhawk said:

blake becomes nightwing. he faces cobblepot.trains with bruce and selina in europe. movie introduces batman inc type ideas with batman themed vigilanties popping up around the world on their own. lucious fox give nightwing a pair of high tech kali sticks to help him in combat.

this. though i can't take Levitt seriously to be a superhero. i've seen him in too many movies from when he was younger.. like "10 things i hate about you" and others. so i still see him as that kid. although he grew to become a good actor..

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