How to reboot Batman with John Blake

#1 Posted by comicsanity016 (73 posts) - - Show Bio Out of all the reboot options out there I think I'm most in favor of John Blake as Batman. It'd be a fresh new spin on the franchise and we won't be constantly comparing the new Batman to Bale's Bruce Wayne. It's a nice way to go at least for one film. If it is successful then continue with it and make it a trilogy, and if not, reboot again with Bruce Wayne. I hope WB takes the fans' support of John Blake seriously.

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The problem is that there are some very confused people who think that Blake goes on to become Robin or Nightwing; people who didn't seem to understand the underlining point of an unkillable, beyond-just-a-man, incorruptible symbol that inspires and protects Gotham that ran throughout the trilogy. Even my old man, who barely knows a thing about Batman outside of the Nolan trilogy and TAS he used to watch with me as a kid, thought that RJB is the new Batman.

Batman got blown up by an atom bomb, yet comes right back to fight the next evil... THAT'S THE POINT of Batman in this trilogy.

The other problem... is that, in addition to this confusion that a few people have, the general audience might not be too keen on a Batman =/= Bruce movie. I'd think it's cool, but oh well.

I'd rather see it as an animated movie, because I think the ending was... the ending. What happens next in this world is a fragile thing to film.

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Batman Beyond
Batman Beyond
Batman Beyond
Batman Beyond

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