How powerful Batman needs to be to beat Superman?

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This isnt another, Batman is better that Superman, so lets be objective, as powerfull as Superman is, he has as much PIS as Batman.

So without all the PIS, how powerfull batman needs to be to beat Superman.

Lets talk in numbers 100% = Superman power level, so it means he needs to have the same power to beat him.

This is a question i make to the Batman fans, because well Superman fans dont take that well ideas like, Superman can not do everything all the time and be perfect.

I am no shitting on Superman is just a question.

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He'd need the power of the Writers Coin-Toss.

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Hm... Are we talking in a scenario where Batman for whatever reason can't use his own gadgets?

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Hmm...without gadgets, synthetic kryptonite and powerful armor?

#5 Posted by FatihBATMAN (1395 posts) - - Show Bio

what does PIS mean?

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@FatihBATMAN said:

what does PIS mean?

Plot Induced Stupidity.

#7 Posted by Eternal19 (2178 posts) - - Show Bio

Without PIS its impossible for batman to beat superman. Every Batman vs Superman scenario has had some PIS.

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i think without PIS Batman would beat Superman at 60 percent power level, (with the use of his gadgets etc)

edit: and a piece of kryptonite

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@JonSmith: @Alexander505: @Eternal19: @FatihBATMAN: @cloudzackvincent: This is about how powerfull he needs to win, like everybody knows all the battles in the comics take PIS in favor of Batman and lest face the whole super smart power is Superman PIS or the whole Superman is as good fighter as Batman or Wonder Woman even when those two should be by far superior figthers.

But the question is a hand to hand battles, with all the skills that Batman has is obvious that to beat Superman he dont need to be as powerfull as Superman.

So how powerfull he needs to be?

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Without pis from both sides Batman will need every resource posible to beat a 100% supes

He can use the plans that Ra's stole but they are costly (Ra's could put them in use because he is filthy rich even for Batman levels)

In The dark Knight returns Bruce said that the synthetic Kryptonite took 20 years to be made because it was to expensive

In the New 52 Kryptonite is more rare than ever since it was a mineral from krypton not the planet after the explosion

Definetely help from Bat family members and the help of a Magic user

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@Squalleon: No waht it need, is hwo powerfull he needs to be to beat him.

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Bats needs to be at least 200 times more powerful to beat super man... literary, if superman was at 100% strength. If he were to use his brains he would he would need an indestructible suit lined with kryptonite.

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@DeathpooltheT1000: I dont consider Superman's intellect to be PIS. It makes sense if you think about it

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I'd say give Batman superluminal reaction time and the powers of Spawn, and that's all he needs to beat Superman. He'd be fast enough to keep up with Superman, and the magical abilities to hurt him.

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@comicace3: @JonSmith: Thanks you and finally i found people that give me an awnser.

@Eternal19: It make sense, sure, since he is Superman but it just make him more super duper overpowered.

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