How I would do the Batman reboot

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Let's face it. Batman is being rebooted, possibly as early as 2015/2016, so the reboot is inevitable. While I loved Nolan's Batman movies and truly consider them to be the greatest comic-book movies around, the reboot must be different. For the reboot to contend with Nolan's trilogy (let's face it, they will get compared), the reboot has to differ from the previous incarnations. I'm not going into detail about who should play who, but the tone and themes that should be used. From my point of view:

Let's have the classic costume

I've seen Batman's costume in the movies. It's just fancy, black armor, while Bale's costume did look incredibly cool, it's time for a change. The new-52 has removed his ''underwear'', so if the movie is going to take inspiration from the comics, let's take inspiration from the comics.

We've seen the armor, but let's try something different and closer to the comics. Fan-films such as City of Scars and Batman Dead End have shown to us that the classic costume can work, in a gritty way. Alex Ross has great emphasis on his costume, but sometimes for a comic book movie adaption to be truly great, it has to be very much like the comic, this doesn't always apply. But Watchmen was exactly like it's comic-book counterpart, yet it still got raving reviews. So the next time we see Batman on the silver-screen (which won't be long), let's have a classic costume being used.

We don't want a rookie!

I'm sick and tired of origin stories. It's over-done now. Simple as that. Let's see Batman already 5 years into his war on crime, an experienced Batman that knows what he's doing. He is already a force to be reckoned with and has already established himself in Gotham, it adds to the Batman legend. I'm sick and tired of seeing a character that is ''lost'' or ''finding who he is'', let's have an experienced and established Batman.

We're not idiots. Everyone knows who Batman is, they also know and his origin story and most know his rogues gallery. Just get to it already, that's not too much to ask, is it?

Make it violent

Not heads exploding everywhere. But this is a violent, corrupt City, it's not nice. Let's see a Batman that can genuinely kick anyone's ass, someone who doesn't struggle with street-level thugs.

The Dark Knight Returns used violence as a major theme. That's actually one of the reasons, believe it or not, that it was so popular at the time. Violence can be over-done so many times, but I want a Batman that can beat the living crap out of someone. A Batman that is a pure bad-ass, a force to be reckoned with. I want a Batman that knows kung-fu, who is a master at fighting. Nolan's movies did good with the

Make Batman a detective

Is it so much to ask, that we can see a Batman that is a genius? A Batman that interrogates others, finds information and uses it. That's a Batman that is smart, that isn't just a fighter, but someone who is the overall package.

Let's have more gadgets

Bruce Wayne is a billionaire. Is he really going to spend all his time learning how to fight? Of course not! He should be using his money to be the latest technology that money can buy. The Dark Knight showed some good gadgets but not much, it's sequel only had one gadget - an EMP device. So let's see Batman being a gadget-intellect as well as being a Detective/Fighter.

Don't give him a stupid voice

Bale was the best Batman in my opinion, but his voice was ridiculous at times. We can't have Conroy either, as much as I'd love it, his voice wouldn't fit in a live action film. I'd prefer something like Michael Ironside, along the lines of a voice like that:

^ That's a suitable voice for a live action film. Something which sounds bad-ass and tough, I think a voice like that can work. Conroy is the best Batman voice, but he isn't live action material.

Stray away from realism

We've seen a somewhat realistic Batman. Realism worked well for Batman, but let's have one that can pull of silly feats like Captain America did in The Avengers. But not too silly like Batman and Robin, 65% unrealistic is good enough for me. I want to see a Batman that has crazy yet cool feats.

Don't use a used villain

I guess The Joker may be the only exception. But he should come later on in the series, in the reboot movie, I'd like someone like Hugo Strange, not someone like Mr Freeze who would flat out, fail.

Those are my thoughts really...add you're own too.

#1 Posted by cattlebattle (13696 posts) - - Show Bio basically want it to be more like the comic.

#2 Posted by Frozen (18192 posts) - - Show Bio

@cattlebattle said: basically want it to be more like the comic.

Read it.

#3 Posted by cattlebattle (13696 posts) - - Show Bio
@Frozen: Uh.........I did, it sounds like you want a direct comic adaption
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In regards to not doing an origin Batman story, I am with you. There are a couple different ways I believe they can do this.

1) Make a Batman/Superman World's Finest movie. It would show a less realistic Batman and also would require him to be smart in order to make him relevant. This also sets up Justice League.

2) Make the Batman reboot occur after Justice League. Then the audience will be already familiar with this Batman, and the redo of origin can be skipped.

3) Have the next Batman movie center around Robin's origin. This would allow the movie to feel fresh and new yet allow Batman to be an established presence in Gotham. Having a kick-ass teen fighting with Batman would also allow for some sweet action sequences.

Everything else you described sounds like a great way to reintroduce Bats in a way that will allow it to stand alone from the Nolan films. I do disagree with you that Freeze would fail, though.

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@cattlebattle said:

@Frozen: Uh.........I did, it sounds like you want a direct comic adaption

No. I don't want villains such as Freeze, I don't want it completely unrealistic like the comics and I'd like more violence. I want something very similar to the comic.

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I agree with everything except the last point. I don't mind if some villains are repeated. And I also don't think Freeze would fail.

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@r3d_rob1n: I just don't think that Freeze would work well. He's just one of those villains that wouldn't work well.

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@Frozen said:

@r3d_rob1n: I just don't think that Freeze would work well. He's just one of those villains that wouldn't work well.

if you did it like heart of ice it could

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Agreed on the "already established" part!!! Its a tad overdone with the batman origin thing

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@Frozen: @Batnandez: A heart of ice adaptation would be pretty amazing. As long as he is not yelling "Freeze in Hell Batman", or other icy puns, I think he can work.

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