Has the joker pushed batman too far this time ?

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I'm currently reading death of the family and i gotta say...Batman might finally decide to just kill the joker or at least injure him beyond recovery. I mean he kidnapped and tortured alfred. The man who was like a father to him since he was 8. And threatend to kill Robin, Red Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, Red hood and Commisioner Gordon, Bruce's closest allies and friends. Since dc won't be willing to kill off one of their top tier villians this probably won't happen but there is a possibility. I guess batman has one superpower: Self control. What do you guys think ?

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You're right when you say that Batman's only superpower is self control. Many villains have pushed Batman to what seems to be his limit, but none more than the Joker. Batman wanted to kill him in Hush and the only reason he didn't was because Gordon stopped him. It seems like every time Batman faces off against the Joker he becomes more tolerant. Despite all of the atrocities that the Joker has done or may do, I think that there is little that he can do to push Batman over the edge now...

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