has batman ever confirmed that Joker fel into a vat of Chemicals?

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Somebody told me that Batman found the helmet that the original Red Hood wore and found the Joker's D.N.A on it.

Is this true?

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I'm pretty sure Batman was there when he fell in. At least he was pre-New 52, and I think that stuff's considered in-continuity unless it gets specifically countermanded.

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Several times.

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I think Batman has mostly pieced it together after the fact. Yes, he was there when the Red Hood fell into a vat of acid, but I don't believe he saw the Joker emerge. At the time, I believe his reaction was akin to "eh, can't save 'em all."

If you're asking whether or not that origin for the Joker is canon, it is. At least, in the New 52 it is. Which is kinda' what matters right now.

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Even though this is actually Harley, the scene she's reciting is Red Hood/Joker's

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