GTA: The Batman Begins

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Remember those mods that added a load of Batman content into Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, well if you didn't check them out, well I decided to make a re-enactment of Batman Begins. Below is the trailer of GTA The Batman Begins, enjoy.

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This will be approximately 50-60 minutes long when finished, it will not include voices from the movie because I felt it took the originality of a Batman movie told through san andreas away, also I think using text for the dialogue will make it more comic bookish.

The release date is unknown at this time, I am aiming for December 2012 to tie it in with the release of The Dark Knight Rises, but it may well run into 2013 as other things do get in the way.

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NICE man!!! respect! looking forward to it!!! keep on going!

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Awesome. I love game mods.

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Never played this but it looked interesting. Excellent job. :]

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great initiative again man! big respect!

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Thank you for the supportive comments, and I am pleased to say that progress has been moving rather swiftly over the last day or so.

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can you give an update? is it hard to make the scenes and stuff??

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Well most scenes are easy enough, but the bigger action scenes in the movie such as the tumbler chase is hard to keep fresh and entertaining as it progresses, for example I could very easily drive around the place with the cops chasing me but that wouldn't be that much fun to watch so that is why I am not going to do that instead it will be something more fun to watch and a lot more time consuming for me, but hey if the end result is good I don't care how long it takes me.

Another tedious thing about making this is the San Andreas voices throughout the fights, if you have played it you will know what I am talking about so I have to work around them by editing out the voices if I can or redo sections of the fights until I get a better one.

But at the end of the day I have a lot of fun making this, hopefully you will have fun watching it and that's about it, if you have any more questions or whatever please feel free to ask.

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Nice!! Are you using any mods or anything? Are you keeping thenoriginal san andreas voices?

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All the credit for the models and everything I am using goes to the team that made The Dark Knight Begins mod, and as for the voices, I am trying to get rid of during the fights, they just drain any atmosphere the fights have, depending on what the voice says of course, far be it from me to stop a thug from insulting Batman, he is about to beat him after all.

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sik man I cant wait for GTA 5

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@MadeinBangladesh said:

sik man I cant wait for GTA 5

haha me neither....but by that time..the next batman game has come out i hope!

I can understand with the voices yeah...but that has its charm also hehe

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@FatihBATMAN: Haha don't worry it definitely has the charm of San Andreas, I wouldn't dream of taking that out.

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Cool man respect!!! Looking so mich forward to it!!! Dont dissapoint!! Hehe ;);)

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I will try my best not to, its all been going rather well over the last week or so, I have some really good scenes on Bruce Wayne training with the League of Shadows, some I think rather emotional scenes.

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Unfortunately it will not be released this month like I was planning, BUT it is still happening, and will be released early 2013, anyway that is all I have to say for now so have a nice Christmas, and see you later.

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