Greg Capullo's Art

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What's your opinion on Greg Capullo's art in Batman? I ask this because it's different from all of the other art interpretations of Batman in the New 52. The others--well, besides Batman and Robin--tend to portray Batman's features more realistically, while Capullo makes it a little bit more "cartoony."

I think it's great! There's a review of one Batman issue from Stadium Comics on Youtube where they comment that it is reminiscent of Batman TAS. I can't say that I dislike Jim Lee's art, but I really tire of the art from Detective Comics and Batman: The Dark Knight.

I'd love to know what you think!

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@gotwillpower: I love Greg Capullo's artwork, it's quickly become among my favourites. I never really saw it as 'cartoony', but now you mention it, I see what you mean. I really like the way he draws Batman, there's something refreshing about his style.

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@Selinaky: I know what you mean, I didn't think of it as cartoony either until I heard it from someone else.

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When I heard over a year ago that Capullo was doing the art for Batman in the new 52 I got excited because I really like his work. I love the work he's doing on Batman.

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I think the first book I read with his art was issue 16 or 17 of Spawn way back when. I did not think it was too cartoony then and it is not now. His artistic style is sharp but still gritty enough for a title like Batman. 
I don't think his style would work quite as well on Avengers or Justice League but its a great fit on Batman. Its good to see him get praise for the quality of his work which has has maintained for some time now.

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For the most part I really love his art. It's got a lot of character to it and maybe it is a bit cartoony but it still works very well for Batman. The only realy complaint I have was that I didn't like the character designs for all of the villains used in issue 1 of Batman. Nor the decision to give Mr. Freeze that little bit of hair in Batman annual. But I don't know who was responsible for all of that and I'm mainly just nitpicking now - Capullo's art is great.

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I love Capullo's art. I first took notice of it in Haunt, and when I heard he was going to move onto Batman, I just knew he would be a perfect fit. My only complaints with him so far are how he draws Dick's head and Sinestro's hair.

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I love Capullo's art and the way he draws Batman,it's fantastic.

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@lorex said:

I did not think it was too cartoony then and it is not now.

@SupBatz said:

It's got a lot of character to it and maybe it is a bit cartoony but it still works very well for Batman.

Maybe I'm using the wrong adjective to describe it. Personally I don't know anything about art, so it's hard for me to even try to analyze it. I don't mean that the characters are disproportionate, but there's something unique about the way Capullo draws. I just can't put my finger on it.

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I like it. I read batman 12 and i realized how much more i prefered Capullo's art

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I think his art is a tad more cartoonish than the others, but not by much. It is still a fairly realistic looking Batman.

I do really enjoy Capullo's style.

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I love it, it's different indeed but still, in someway very fitting

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Love's a perfect style for Batman. It does remind me, a tad, of the BAS Batman.

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S'awesome. Away from Batman, a friend showed me a picture with a bunch of characters, and I like his version of Cyborg.

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His faces tend to look sexy and smug; like they're seranading the reader for an evening of fireside, whitehot, passionate, love making.

But I like him. Something about it, hopefully not the seranading, just clicks with these kind of stories.

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LOVE his art. Batman will suck when he leaves.

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