Green Batman VS Yellow Batman

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Who'd be more powerful?

Green Lantern Batman


Yellow Lantern Batman

Assuming both are well trained and experienced with their rings, and morals will be on regardless of the Sinestro Corps requiring the wearer to be capable of killing (not even sure if that's true), who would be more powerful?

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Green Lantern Batman would be more powerful. It is even shown in your above scan that Batman's will power is too strong for the yellow ring.

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I say green will win and not just because of what the scan stated. Fear is farther on the emotional spectrum than will so it is more corruptible. Batman has been using fear as a tactic since then beginning and never have (to my knowledge) been corrupted. He has always stuck with his morals and he stuck to his morals because of his amazing willpower. As awesome as his fearing abilities are, his will is stronger.

On another note I wonder what other rings Batman could use.

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@MrShway88 said:

On another note I wonder what other rings Batman could use.

Blue, arguably - The thing that connects Batman and Joker is that they both see the world for what it truly is. Corrupt, hopeless, and broken beyond repair. But whereas Joker simply embraces that, Batman fights against it, even though he knows it's pointless. With this in mind, a case can be made either way on whether or not he can use it. The argument for him being capable is, obviously, even though he knows it's hopeless, he still does what he does. The argument for him being incapable is the fact that, even though he continues to fight, he does know it hopeless, that there is no possible way to fix Gotham. A guy like Superman would firmly believe that there is a solution, but Batman doesn't.

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