Future of Batman after colorado massacre? good or bad things

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as we rememeber those lost in colorado whats the future of batman going to become because of this issue as we reflect and pray for those victims whats the future for batman i heard alot of companies were taking the movie off box office and it really would astound me if it surpassed spiderman in box office money lets here ur thoughts and maybe batman isnt really a comic book for kids if it causes a 24 yr old to do harm to good people hope to hear ur responses

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The movie didn't cause the man to murder people. The man is a psychopath with a Batman fixation but it didn't mean that the movie caused him to snap. I would guess that he'd already snapped before the opening of The Dark Knight. The man's a genius and as we all know the lines between genius and crazy is pretty thin.

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that guy was a nutjob i highly doubt the batman movies were the main cause of what he did. and that shouldnt ruin batman for everybody,

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I wouldn't expect another batman movie for a long time anyway. The comics wont be effected.

I dont really think thats really important right now though. Also is it even known that he had a batman obsession? The guy just seems like an insane prick who chose the movie opening because of the amount of people that would be there. Even if he said that why would you believe him? I wouldn't.

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It won't effect Batman at all. TDKR will probably take in a bit less money then it normally would, but that's it.

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@ratman19: Agreed. People want to blame the mask. They just want some easy answer, something physical to point to. The mask seems abnormal to lot of people, so they're pointing at that. But it's not the mask. Most of the people who went to see the movie were masked, some of the victims were masked. That's not the distinguishing feature, not what sets him apart.

He was just off. Humans have the potential to kill many other humans at any time. It's something inside of us, emotionally, that's preventing us from doing that. This guy, apparently didn't have it. This is tragic, but we can't be lazy. The man's arrested, and there's nothing more we can do to fix this.

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@nickzambuto said:

It won't effect Batman at all.

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only in america

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"batman isnt really a comic book for kids"

I don't see the link at all with the colorado massacre. Furthermore, Batman is for everybody, boy or girl, young or old.

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Only in America happen massacres of this kind. The ease with which they purchase firearms in the U.S. is alarming (in particular in the mountain states). Institutions should fix this big problem. But the truth is that we should close the lobby arms, who profit from this, continuing with the sale of guns, rifles and ammunition.

Watch Bowling a Columbine

However I do not think that the future of Batman will have problems

P.S. Opinion of an Italian who loves and respect the America.

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