Favorite New 52 Retcon!!! (Spoilers?)

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So Pre-DCNU Morrison thought it would be a great idea to make it public that Bruce publicly backs Batman (he was wrong, it was an awful idea). And I thought it sticked in DCNU cause it was mention in Batwing 1 or 2. But according to Justice League Dark #14, its not public knowledge anymore who backs Batman :). This makes me sooo happy!

Your thoughts?

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I didn't hate that idea but I didn't love it either. Hardly my favorite retcon from The New 52, though.

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I thought Batman Inc was one of the dumbest things I have ever heard and I didn't care for the series. The Batman that Morrisson likes is the Batman I don't...60s Batman and schlocky, campy Batman. I also didn't care for his entire run on Batman so yeah. I'm happy Snyder is in charge and Morrisson is out of DC soon enough.

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Morrison is a genius (thought I'd make it clear I'm biased right away). I recently read the whole of his run on Batman to his latest Batman INC stuff and Scott Snyder's run pales in comparison. I know that's a controversial statement to put out there while everyone's in love with the guy but to me his stuff just feels mediocre and unimaginative. It doesn't feel like he's adding anything that hasn't been done before. Mysterious organisation? Done before. New character who turns out to be evil? Perhaps Scott's second name should Loeb. Of course he could change that with the Death of the Family going on but I don't see it happening at the moment. Damian or Alfred will be killed and Harper Row will take over the deceased's role until in a couple of years they return. I think people like him so much at the moment is because everything else is awful (apart from INC and Legends of The Dark Knight - check it out if you haven't already) and Greg Capullo's art is outstanding.Anyway, rant over.

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@ReachDestroyer: I never said Morrison was a bad writer. In fact I was on board with Batman Inc ever since it was announced. I just hated that one aspect that Bruce announced that he financially backed Batman. It left way to many openings and it almost seemed like a naive move for Bruce.

And honestly the current writers on all the series are actually all pretty strong right now. If you have read the latest issues of Batman: Dark Knight or Detective Comics they are not bad at all!!!

The only series with any Batman related characters that need new writers in my honest opinion are Catwoman, Worlds' Finest, and Teen Titans. Otherwise the people writing the Batman related comics are all very strong. (though I will admit tomasi is slacking or struggling or just something is going on)

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It was a stupid thing to do to announce that he backs batman. That means now there would have been lawyers with lawsuits, death threats against employees including Lucius Fox and Alfred Pennyworth and the worst thing it ment that if James Gordon was unsatisfied with batman's work he would make a complaint to Bruce Wayne which is very irritating thus ruining his character.

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