Favorite Female Villain

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Hello, I am new here and i just wanted to get a discussion going. So i wanted to know your favorite female villain, could be from any superhero but I'd like it mainly on Batman. So I just wanted to say that mine is Harley Quinn, just her look and the way that she's evil and insane yet cute and innocent.

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Typhoid Mary

Viper\Madame Hydra
Princess Python
Harley  Quinn
Poison Ivy
Lady Shiva

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favorite female villian...............poison ivy and harley quinn.
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Poison Ivy in Batman, Mystique in X-men.

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Posoin Ivy, Mystique, and Talia al Ghul

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Obi Wan Kenobi! said:
"Posoin Ivy, Mystique, and Talia al Ghul"
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Tapestry from the Wild Cats.
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Lady Shiva
Talia Al Ghul
Poison Ivy (before Harley Quinn)

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