Favorite Batman Supporting Character?

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With the addition of Harper Row, the newest Bat-verse character, I've been thinking about who my favorite Batman supporting character is.

This is kinda difficult for me, because so many of Batman's relationships with other characters are interesting. There's Alfred, James Gordon, the Joker, Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Barbara Gordon, Talia, and Selina, just to name a few!

Personally, I think of these characters I've always liked Alfred the most as a character, but Joker's relationship is far more captivating.

Who is your favorite supporting character? (and maybe there's a specific verison). What do you think of Harper Row? Do you think that the number of characters is sometimes overwhelming?

Edit: Totally didn't even see that Harper Row post, so forget about telling me what you think of Harper Row. Post in the other topic!

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Alfred gotta love the father figure

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Alfred- We are kindred spirits always telling someone not to do something reckless, and stitching their wounds and giving a lecture when they don't listen.

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Of all the supporting Batman characters, I like Tim the most. I even like him more than Batman.

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Batman, even at his most independent, needs a pretty big supporting team to be done right. Alfred and Gordon are must haves regardless. I grew up in the Oracle era so for me, she's almost a necessity and I'm having to learn to live without her. Finally, Dick. Grayson's been part of the mythos almost since the beginning. I know Nightwing is a popular hero in his own right these days, but to me, he'll always be that streak of daylight and flickering smile Bruce needs to pierce into his darkness every now and again

I love alot of the Batfamily supporting cast, but those four I think are the most important.

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What, no love for Ace the Bat Hound?

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@Saucedo17 said:

Alfred gotta love the father figure

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nightwing, jason todd, terry mcginnis, the joker.

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Jason or Alfred. They're both pretty badass.

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1. Alfred
2. Nightwing
3. Gordon

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Has to be Gordon or Alfred.

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Technicially Tim, because he's my overall favorite character, but I view him not really as a supporting character. So, Gordon is my favorite character in a more supporting role to Batman.

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Alfred and Gordon, then Damian.  
Most of the other characters mentioned here are occasional guest stars, not regular members of Batman's supporting cast at this point in time.
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superman. BAM! i went there

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Alfred nuff said.

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Nolan batman's made Mr. fox so relevant. Tie between him and Alfred .

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@Tunsieon said:

What, no love for Ace the Bat Hound?

Whoops, I forgot!

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Well,from these guys here I like the most Gordon and Alfred.

Tim,Dick and Joker are more of additional characters than supporting ones.

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Alfred and Gordon.

Although I love Harper.

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Bruce Wayne.

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@BigCimmerian said:

1. Alfred
2. Nightwing
3. Gordon

Exactly what I was thinking

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They're all great and it's hard to pick a favorite as individual characters. But when choosing a favorite character to have in a supporting role it's gotta be Oracle.

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I like Huntress the most.

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Alfred Hands down.

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damn i love them all, tim, alfred, stephanie, even damien...

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Gordon, the hero

Alfred, the super assistant

Joker, the best villain

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I love Batman's interactions with Grayson. Anytime that he and Grayson are in the same story it is usually a great one. Other than that, any Robin usually creates a great Bat story. Where would the series be without Alfred, Gordon, and Babs. Hell even the occasional Superman cameo is a pleasure. I guess where this has led me to, is that Batman truly is a character built from an amazing idea and an amazing cast of supporting characters.

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Alfred, dick, James Gordon, Barbara, Tim, Harvey bullock and Renee Montoya.

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My favorite is Alfred! close second is Dick Grayson

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There are many supporting characters I enjoy from Batman. Just to name a few Barbara Gordon, Tim Drake, Nigthwing, and Stephanie Brown

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I seriously think that its impossible to have one single fav. Character because every character compliments eachother in another way.

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