favorite batman gadgets?

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Those questions without any precision as to what you expect are bad for two reasons: 1-they are very unlikely to bring you the informations you were looking for. 2- it just appears rude.

Try to write a few lines to describe what you are really looking for. Starting with "hey guys" or "I was wondering if..." can't kill you either when you're actually asking for something.

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Ever since I watched Batman: The Animated Series as a child, the grapple gun has always been my favourite:

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The Bat-Factor

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@ssejllenrad said:

What I was gonna say, but much cooler :-)

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I like the grapple gun and the freeze bombs in Batman: Arkham City, but the batarangs are so classic I can't leave them out either.
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I used to like the grapple gun the most...then the grapple line got cut and Batman broke almost every bone in his body...

Seriously though, I always figured Batman had like replacement lines built into the gun, or at least some sort of replacement rope in a belt pouch. By the way, I'm talking about Batman: Hush. In comparison, in Batman #11, he falls from an airliner, seemingly around eight thousand feet in the air, and uses his grapple gun to survive the fall. Clearly there has been some sort of upgrade in Bat-rope, so I think my favorite gadget is the New 52 grapple gun.

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The battrain. Super fast, super ridiculous.

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@Wolverine0628 said:

I like the grapple gun and the freeze bombs in Batman: Arkham City, but the batarangs are so classic I can't leave them out either.

Exactly what I was going to say. The grapple is my all time favorite Batman gadget but the freeze bombs in Arkham City were very cool. I think Batman should make use of them regularly in the comics as well ;)

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The grappling hook gun,I will attempt to replicate it and make sure that it works at the same capacity as batman's.

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