Does death of family and Batman INC........

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Do they go hand in hand with each other? Or is the death of family the death of another character? Just a yes or no answer please, no spoilers besides the obvious one.

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They're totally seperate I think.

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No relation. There's no death in DotF while there is one in Inc.

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Spoiler alert...

They both have Batman...

Dun dun duuuunnnnnnnnnnn!

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Ok, thanks, I thought that the death of a character from batman INC. continued on death of family series.

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@al_capown: I think the death of that character happened in the same month that Death Of The Family ended, so the reaction to it was in the issue just afterwards.

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Batman Inc is continuing Grant Morrison's bigger story while DOTF was Snyder's story about the Joker.No relation between the two.

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