Does Batman Always Win? response

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The fact that ComicVine can even have this as a regular feature should tell you something. All logic would say "Does Superman Always Win?" would make more sense, or "Does Hulk Always Win?" etc. But that is exactly the point, Batman more often than not is "outmatched" and still wins. He shouldn't win, but somehow, someway, comes out on top. That is a big part of what defines his character. The formula for his stories, if you will.

In the recent Batman Vs. Captain America, Greg Katzman calls it a push. I think the very thorough article, most of the comments I saw (I don't have time for 6 pages of comments) missed one of Batman's best tactics; he doesn't defeat his opponent, Batman gets his opponent to defeat himself. The Batman vs. Superman battle in Batman: Hush is a great example of this. Versus Captain America, the Cap's shield is Batman's weapon, Cap's tactics are Batman's weapon. That's how Bane defeated Batman in the Knightfall series. That is what makes Joker such a great foil; no plan, no consistent weapon or method, just an equally freakish dedication to some new epiphany or motive, except with Joker, that motive can just as quickly be thrown aside. Add to that, the Joker already is his own most hated enemy and that takes away Batman's ability to use Joker against Joker. Joker is always trying to make Batman win, but on the Joker's twisted terms and at some significant cost.

It also bugs me slightly when a match-up makes Bat-gadgets a primary resource. It is a factor to be sure, but even more than the weapons, and even his body, Batman's mind is his superpower. My major critique of all the Batman movies, and much of the more recent renditions of him is the lack of the "Worlds Greatest Detective" aspect, which is tangential to his tactical mind. I like something Alex Ross said in Mythology about drawing Batman, which was of the effect of limiting him to few gadgets and less armor, accentuating his ability to make the most out of just a few tools and making his fearlessness and self abandon amplify how terrifying a man like that would be!

In closing, if I didn't make it clear, Batman would beat Captain America.

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@BalooMamalu: if you took the time to read the comments you would of read mine where I said that Batman would use Captain America's strengths against him. :-P

Also the reason why people on here mention gadgets (and not saying this against the mass forum goers cause I am one of them) is that we are not writers. So we don't have the best imagination with these scenarios, so we go to the deux ex machina to save Batman when any good author would do it the proper way by showing off Batman's skills.

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