Doctor Doom is closest Marvel Counterpart to Batman

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It just dawned on me that Dr. Doom is the closest marvel counterpart to to Batman. So I know this needs some explanation. So here's why.

  1. Both are geniuses
  2. Both are determined to the point of obsession
  3. Both always have contingency plan after contingency plan ( planning I think is both of these characters main "power")
  4. Both have names and presence that strikes fear in those who encounter them
  5. Both have have taken on gods fearlessly ( Beyonder, and Darkeseid)
  6. Both use gadgets and inventions to even the playing ground
  7. So although planning and strategizing ,I believe is both their main power, both are masters of their of peripheral Arts that aide them in their cause( Batman martial arts and Doctor Doom Sorcery)
  8. Both are somewhat regal
  9. Both rule in Machevelian fashion
Now to solidify my point... What about other popular choices for batman marvel counterparts? why not consider them the closest?
  1. Punisher- I gotta admit I've always thought of him as a very close counterpart due to family dying and obssessive vengeance seeking and all. But although frank does present some flashes of cleverness, The most constant I've seen him approach villains is straight up attack attack attack. And if that fails attack some more. He is too straight forward. Too reliant on fire power
  2. Daredevil-  Too goody. Not regal. I don't think he has much presence in the marvel universe. He is a blue collar street level hero
  3. Captain America.   When it comes to martial arts and fitness steve and bruce are def counterparts. Cap definitely has a presence and has taken on cosmic threats kinda like bruce. But the presence that Cap gives is not fear or dread like batman its more like hope and goodness...Kinda like superman
  4. Iron Man- both are millionaires. Both are geniuses. But Tony's genius is not in planning its in making more powerful and efficient suits.
Let me know if you think of other connections...or of if you think this theory is unsound
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Good points all around.

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good point

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You forget that Dr. Doom, doesn't utilize the shadows like Batman does. So yes both are scary to heroes and villains alike, but Batman relies on the darkness while Dr. Doom doesn't. He also has no secret identity, Batman does. And Batman has a family, Dr. Doom does not. It seems the one thing that you have found similar is their ability to plan things out, and you can say he is Batman's rival in creating awesome plans, but I wouldn't say counterpart.

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I totally agree with you ;)

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@batshrine: Batman does use the Shadows/stealth heavily to infiltrate, spy, and get drop on bad guys but isn't that a result of his strategy? Doom does do a a lot infiltrating and spying himself through technology and  occasionally sorcery for the same end.
Its true batman does have a secret identity. But Batman is Bruce's true idenitity. I mean when you think of spiderman having time off he is on a date or working at the bugle. Superman on his day off he is having a picnic with Lois or finishing some deadline at the Daily planet. When Batman is not prowling the streets Bruce is in the batcave obsessing over a cold case.  Batman's secret identity as Bruce Wayne only serves to fund Batman. It wouldnt surprise me if Doom ever masqueraded as another person to serve his purpose
I assume by family you mean the Batman family (Robin, Nightwing etc.) because his parents are dead. Well,  "family" is used loosely sometimes Bats rerefers to them as his soldiers. His soldiers and he is the leader. Kinda like Dr. Doom and the terrible trio.
Their ability to plan is one of the main things they have in common and its what makes both of these characters so awesome. I think its what defines them.
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Honestly I would put Ra's more at Dr. Doom's equivalence. The only difference is Ra's is trying to save the world while Dr. Doom (as far as I know, I may be wrong) is cookie cutter villain want to take over the world type. Which might make Lex more his equivalent. I mean Lex is a super genius, determined to the point of obsession, plan like crazy, and fits all those other criteria.

Oh and lets not forget they are both EVIL.

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But the aim is to assert Doom as closest marvel counterpart to Batman. Not which DC counterpart for Doom. (BTW that list would be Batman, Luthor, and Darkseid for me)
So Ra's is an eco terrorist who is addicted to the lazarus pits. He is far too dependent on his entourage to take care of him and do his bidding. He isnt too big on contingency plans either. 
Luthor is close to doom. Luthor is a master planner. But I've always thought of luthor as a counterpart to batman within that universe
Its true that Doom is depicted as a villain due to being a megalomaniac bent on control...But Batman has a tendency towards this as well ( In Kingdome come Bats turns gotham into a police state run by his BatRobot army)

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Both were motivated by the loss of their parents. The soul of Doom's mother is held by a demon and he studied sorcery as a way to free her. Doom does have a family too (all his DoomBots).

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Huh. I was gonna come in and scold you for being wrong, but your points all make very good sense. Good job, sir.

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@adamrolls: Eh lets not put kingdom come in this discussion, non-canon and too far extreme. Many canon references show that Batman wouldn't ever cross that line.

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