Do you think Bruce Wayne is intimidating?

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We see him with his cowl on all the time, but when we get a glance into the Bat-cave, he generally has his cowl off and still has that brooding and dark look on his face. To be honest, I think it is pretty freaking intimidating. He speaks to everyone with that brooding face, even Alfred. 
Do you guys think he's intimidating? If so, supply your favorite scan of an unmasked Bruce looking like he's going to beat the crap out of someone!

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Millionaire that can easily whoop you ass?

Yeah. He is.

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You know he is capable of during this in his sleep cowl or no cowl

I say that's pretty scary

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I would sh1at my pants if he scream at me.

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@CitizenBane said:

I felt sorry for Doc Hurt.

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@CitizenBane said:
Why have I not seen this before?! Where's it from?
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Depends on who you are Galactus wouldn't give a sh*t about his glare but Jimmy Olsen would wet himself

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@RainEffect said:

@CitizenBane said:
Why have I not seen this before?! Where's it from?


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Yeah he can be pretty intimidating
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I would say he is pretty intimidating. You can see even when he talks to people close to him that he is intimidating

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He doesn't kill people, so no.

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If you mean billionaire playboy persona Bruce Wayne, then no I don't think he's intimidating. If you just mean Batman with his mask off, then of course.

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