Do you believe Batman is crazy?

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Do you think he is mentally disables?

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Disabled? No, he's quite functional at least at what he does, maybe not so much at interpersonal relationships. But yes he is bat$#!% crazy

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He isn't mentally disabled. But he is insane to a certain degree.

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i think hes crazy not to take out the trash for good... but then we wouldn't have such great reoccurring villains

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Not really from what i can tell

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In his own way. He's definitely obsessed with some things.

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No, MetH knows Bat for Brains is Bat$#!% crazy.


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He wont kill the Joker, FOR PUCK'S SAKES GET IT OVER ALREADY!!! Either that or send his bleach azz to the phantom zone.

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He has PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as researched by researchers.

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He is crazy, no doubt about it but at the same time he is a great tactician.

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A lot of people would be affected mentally if their parents were shot in front of them by a product of the city they tried to help. But I don't think he's particularly crazy, let alone mentally disabled. I think he's a tad unhinged though, that much is clear via his obsession on his war on crime and the villainous scum in Gotham

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Not mentally disabled...that's a dumb question to ask.

But if you left it at crazy, then yes, I think Bruce is nuts.

Man dresses up as a giant Bat, taking on dangerous armed criminals at night, taking on children sidekicks, and spends most of his spare time in a cave as opposed to the beautiful mansion directly above the cave.

Dude is nuts, but he's not insane, or mentally handicapped.

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He's not the most sane person, and certainly isn't what you'd call stable, but no I wouldn't call him crazy.

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He's not disabled but he's slightly insane yes.

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