Do u prefer batman inventing his on stuff or Lucius fox for him

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cause in the nolan films it was like that but i did not mind but now also in the comics they made batman look like some rich kid who knows how to fight and BUYS most of his toys they are making him look more dumb like he became more dependent on Lucius fox now please i hope there wont be people saying im doing this cause Lucius fox is black `

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both, batman sometimes making little gadgets like advanced batarangs and Lucius making the bigger ones like a bat-tank or a bat-missile

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Batman should get likes 45 hours based days and 678 days based years, becuase there is no way a human could do all the things he does in a comic, with 24 hours based days and 365 days based years.

Also, there is no way Batman can do everything in 24 hours and in 365 days.

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He should design but not build most of his tools as well as reviewing and accepting useful devices that are either suggested to him or that he encounters while fighting crime. He should constantly design stuff for himself as well as take anything cool he sees.

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It makes it a little more plausible that Batman has outside help, maybe not with the little gadgets and on the fly gizmos, but with stuff like the batmobile, batwing, bat boat... you see where I am going with this. Even Punisher had a gadgets guy and all Punisher basically has are guns and bullets!

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I think he should build and buy his gadgets. A bit of both.

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I don't agree, i think that the way Brucie did in Earth One is the best one.

Remember :

The hook that he made by himeself broke itself. Then he went to Fox's office... (Nolan or not it never was an office) and Fox fix it. Is that not the best way to do things ?

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The idea of the two collaborating on design and Fox handling the fabrication end makes the most sense. Are you going to say Steve Jobs was less of a genius because he didn't build every Mac himself? As stated earlier there are only so many hours in the day and Bats is going to want to focus more of his time on the work on the street.

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I prefer Lucius doing the hard technical stuff. I am not keen on Batman being a huge genius AND a top crime fighting detective. Obviously, one should consume more time than the other when you do both. Batman can be a master of forensic science, I am fine with that, but when he becomes a genius in all sorts of sciences, it just doesn't feel right. But the way Nolan set it up makes Batman more human, i.e. sleeping during the day, going out on dates, and whatever else. Plus, it expands the supporting cast by one character.

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A little of both.

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