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Hi all, I am a novice in comic books. But I always liked Batman. And recently I get curious about the detective comics series. I heard that the few latest series are prety good So I want to read that serie. Where should I start? How the serie works. It looks like each time it's a serie of 4 books. Can someone enlight me please ?! cheers

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If you want to jump into the books, wait until September when they relaunch everything.  That'll serve as a perfect jumping in point.

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Thanks..I'll do.

But During a couple of last Whiskey Media Happy Hour, Tony and Sara kept talking about some totally brilliant Story. So Where do you thing I can start on the current one ?

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I assume they're talking about Scott Snyder's run, which started at #871 and just finished this month at #881. It features Dick Grayson (the original Robin) as Batman, but don't let that dissuade you, it's a fantastic story with some pretty awesome art. It's being collected in a nice big trade paperback in November called The Black Mirror.

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I think I recognise the covers. Well Done !!! Thanks a lot...I am gonna look into it.

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