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whats the current story arc in detective comics? I heard the Joker issue was great and was wondering how many back issues i need to get.

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@monkeyface15: well one just ended now one with the joker and James Gordon jr. is starting
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@monkeyface15: The current issue with Joker (I believe you mean this one?)
If so, you probably need to read the issue before this one, where the story arc began and I would recommend just reading the whole run cause it's awesome!
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Scott Snyder's awesome Detective Comics run starts with Detective Comics #871.

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If you can, start reading from #871. But if you just want to read the current arc, start off with #879 I believe. The issue literally gave me chills. The lettering for The Joker was perfect, and the shading gave it even more of a creepy effect. Issue #880 is just as good, and the confrontation between Batman and The Joker was extremely entertaining. Scott Snyder's run on Detective Comics is great, I love what he did with Dick under the cowl. I am excited to see his run on Batman. Detective Comics, in my opinion, is the best comic on the shelves now, or at least the best DC comic.

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Such a good run.

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