Defending Arkham Origins - A Optimist's Point of View

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So the game-play trailer of the new video game Batman Arkham Origins is out, and the general consensus is that people are hopefully optimistic (Me being one of them). Of course in the world of the internet which consist of hundreds of conflicting opinions and viewpoints. There are people who still think this video game is going to being terrible or at the least mediocre. Thankfully most of these people have given reasons why they think this is going to fail.

What I'm going to do with this blog is that I'm going to list a bunch of fears people have basically said about this game, and counter their argument. Hopefully I can dispel some of the worries people have of this game and get a few more people excited or at the least hopeful that this will turn out to be a solid game.

Without further ado, the counterarguments......

Where's Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill? - Yes, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are pretty much the best voice actors of their respective characters and it's hard to replace them. But just because they are being replaced that doesn't mean it's the end of the world. It makes sense they'd find other actors for the game being the fact that it's a prequel and the voices have to sound younger and by the sounds of it, Roger Smith and Troy Baker are doing a decent job sounding like younger versions of Conroy and Hamill. Besides......Whats so wrong with having a variety? Like they say, too much of a good thing isn't a good thing. Plus Conroy and Hamill aren't going to be around forever, might as well get used to hearing Batman and Joker without their voices.

Batman Is Supposed To Be Younger, So Why Does He Have More Armor and Better Gadgets? - This is an argument that could be washed away with a different viewing. This younger version of Batman is less experienced, the creators have made this quite clear. Wouldn't a less experienced Batman NEED more gadgets and armor to fight crime and survive? When he get's older and has been at it longer, it only makes sense that he wouldn't need the heavier armor and fancy toys. They'd slow him down, and he wouldn't need them anymore cause he's older, wiser, and more experienced.

The Graphics Look Terrible, What Happened? - The game isn't due out till October 25th. They're still working on it. At this point in the game's stage, they're going through the reworking stage where they make sure everything is running smoothly that the game flows well. After that they'll go through the polish phase, where they'll make it look good and improve graphical problems. Then they'll go through the glitch phase, ensuring the nothing screws up. We're looking at an unfinished complaining about graphics is kind of ridiculous. Go watch the old trailer for Arkham City with the "No Place for a Hero" song, you'll see that the graphics aren't as good as the final result, cause it was still being worked on. It's most evident in the footage with Two-Face.

Did Batman Just Kill That Guy!!! - The creators have already said this Batman is more rough and careless. I doubt the guy he dropped off the building in a Christmas tree is dead.....severely injured maybe.....but not dead. Same goes with the goon who swallowed a flashlight. I'm also willing to bet money that this careless Batman will learn his lesson somewhere in the story, probably after he almost kills a goon due to his carelessness. It's already been stated that Bruce and Alfred won't be getting along at first (Bruce seeing Alfred as a constant reminder of his parents, and Alfred thinking of Bruce as a spoiled brat wasting away his inheritance) This could be the pivotal turning point in the story where Alfred and Bruce finally connect after Bruce makes a mistake at the cost of a henchman's life. Makes sense from a story telling point of view.

Those are my counterarguments but that's not to say I don't have a worry or two.....For starters the combat in the game play trailer looks exactly like the combat in Arkham City. I've seen these moves before..... Which is fine, but it looks kind of bland.

Plus I'm kind of worried about the story. Paul Dini knew that when it comes to story, you can't have loose ends. It's a little thing I learned in my screenwriting course, it's called "Chekov's Gun". Lots of comic-book adaptations just bring in characters as fan-service. In Arkham City it would have been easy to bring Ras Al Ghul and then drop him like he served little purpose to the overall plot. Batman meets him, Batman fights him, Batman leaves and you never see Ras Al Ghul again....But by bringing him back as Strange's boss gives him importance to the plot. Same with Clayface. You could've just brought him in, have Batman fight him, then never mention him again. But by having the Joker use him to maintain his image, that gives him importance to the plot......I'm worried if these writers know that. It certainly seems like they're just bringing in characters for fan service. Even the plot just screams how many characters can we fit in one game.

So that's my list of counterarguments, and two arguments myself. Hopefully some of the people on the fence about this game aren't as worried anymore. That was my overall goal.

Thanks for reading.

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When they first came out with details they said Batman would throw a guy into a tree. He learned not to be too rough cause the guy passed out be for he could get information out of him. And great article

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I thought when he dropped him, the way he did it look like he impaled him onto the tree.

Great responses though. The problem with the Conroy, Hamil argument is.. they won't be around forever. These people need to start accepting change. I don't like the thought of it, but Hamil's amazing Joker can only be around for so long.

People should give these new voice actors a chance. I think they both did great in the trailer.

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@sideburnguru: Thanks, and I agree. It's not like we haven't had other voices of Batman or Joker that weren't great. Bruce Greenwood and Joe DiMaggio come to mind almost instantly. Roger Smith sounds amazing as Batman, and Troy Baker is just an amazing voice actor in general.

@ultrastarkiller: I didn't know they've already brought that up, thanks.

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Very good article. I too prefer to be optimistic. It might not be Rocksteady, but as I see it, the core engine is already very good, from Asylum and City, and I definitely wouldn't mind a game with the exact same gameplay as City. I love that game.

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Very good article. I too prefer to be optimistic. It might not be Rocksteady, but as I see it, the core engine is already very good, from Asylum and City, and I definitely wouldn't mind a game with the exact same gameplay as City. I love that game.

Thank you, the only thing I'm worried about is the story. For instance, the grapnel boost is in the game (even though it was still a prototype in Arkham City)....hopefully they explain that. For instance, maybe after being used a certain amount of times in a row it jams up. Which would explain why Bruce gives it to Lucius to repair and fix.

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I honestly think the story here is better,the premise is rather basic but the possibilities and twists should be fun.AC though had a lousy,predictable plot.

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Great article man, I agree with all the things you said. As for story, I think they can pull it off, its a interesting and a logical premise, I'd like to see how it plays out. And lastly the gameplay do look similar to the previous games but that actually is the logical thing to do, this is Batman from the Arkhamverse, he'll have the same moves from the other games not to mention there are some nice additional moves. I think there will more different types of moves, as you said its too early to judge.

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This video put to rest any doubts I had about the game. It looks great, and the voice actors are top notch. WB Montreal is taking this series very seriously and staying true to everything that Rocksteady has put in place. Also, they are using the same engine for this game than Arkham City, so the graphics are going to be the same if not better.

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@the_lobster_: my biggest argument is that the only thing WB Games has made is the Wii version of Arkham City and it was terrible

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I totally agreed with @the_lobster_ and i would love to play with the Azrael-Batman and the Adam West skins!!!

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Its gonna be a GREAT game....even better than Arkham City! RELAX!
Remember,a year ago we had rumours about a Silver Age Batman with smilies and happy fluffy blue capes......

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And even if is does turn out to suck? Wouldn't you play an action game where you get to be Batman? Honestly, the story of a game must be good, but when you play a game, most of the stuff that you control the character are action based. You couldn't influence the story...

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Thanks for clearing things up! I watched the trailer yesterday and when I got done I read some of the comments and it wasn't good. There were so many complaints and negative reviews over a game that hasn't even came out yet, like seriously e.O? I personally think this game is going to be awesome and enjoyable to play.

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@takeluutzen: Guys!!
Based from what you've seen how can it suck!?!?!?!! the gameplay is (too) similar to AA and AC!!...thats great!!
They just added more cooler things!

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wow i had no idea that origins even needed defending. before i played asylum the best superhero game i had ever played was definitely the old spiderman game. arkham asylum was amazing. and when arkham city came out the totally blew the original out of the water. they kept alot of the original ideas but not only that they improved upon them. my ONLY gripe with arkham city was that i couldn't throw three batarangs at once like a could in asylum. WOW BIG DEAL. these games are great, whenever i play this game on hard it is HARD. i really feel like i am batman myself. it would be cool if i could play as robin/nightwing in some part of the campaign (or atleast give him some more screentime) but overall i have complete trust in these guys and i look forward to the next arkham game.

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@punyparker: I was speaking for other people.
i've pre-ordered it already! Everything Batman-related is a must-have!

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I was speaking for other people.

i've pre-ordered it already! Everything Batman-related is a must-have!

*cough*Batman&Robin*cough* !!

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#19 Posted by TakeLuutzen (151 posts) - - Show Bio

half hour gameplay footage!!

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half hour gameplay footage!!

This just further proves my point that Troy Baker and Roger Craig Smith are going to be great replacements for Hamill and Conroy

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I don't know if I like Roger Craig Smith's Batman that much, but Troy Baker sounded good.

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I like the Batman voice man! good enough!! <3

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Does anyone need to defend this game? The first two were awesome!

What's next? Defending Miguel Cabrera?

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Does anyone need to defend this game? The first two were awesome!

What's next? Defending Miguel Cabrera?

Well there are still a few debby downers out there who think this game will be bad. Mostly on IMDB, Facebook, and Youtube. That's what this post was. I took all of the common complaints I've heard from those websites, and presented a counter-argument in case any of those same users had an account on here, or in some vain hope this blog spreads to other websites.

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Bane and Anarky being in the game isn't right...

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Didnt batman let those guys in the shack thingy die in the trailer with him fighting deathstroke? I mean it blew up and they were all still inside. Not that there's anything batman could've done to save them. But I've already preordered this game and I'm hopeful, it looks great.

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