Death of the Family Theory (Spoilers and possible spoilers)

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Obviously don't read this if you haven't read Batman #13 and #14. Scott Snyder recently appeared on an episode of Kevin Smith's 'Fatman on Batman'. He talked about his life, what got him into Batman etc and was then asked what his favourite stories were (This is around the 1h 49min mark if you want to listen for yourself) and he mentioned Tower of Babel, and also that it influenced his Death of the Family arc. If you have read Tower of Babel then you'll know that Batman has collected files on how to defeat each member of the Justice League, and these are used against them. Well, at the end of Batman #14 Joker holds in his hands a black book written by Bruce and Joker says that in it is "The secret that let me learn it all". There have been theories about what this secret could be but with what Snyder said on the podcast I am now almost certain that it will be how to defeat the BatFamily or what their weaknesses are and Joker will then exploit these. I doubt that he will succeed in killing the entire Bat Family, but knowing that Bruce had collected these thought could definitely result in the death of the Bat Family. Anyway, let me know what you think of this and what your thoughts are.

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So similar to tower of Babel: where Ra's Al Ghul gets Batman's list on how to defeat the JL and uses it to take down the JL. Joker is using Batman's list on how to take down the Bat Family

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So they are making the same story all over again?

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Although that is a good theory, I hope Snyder would be a little more creative and less of a copy-cat. I love his work so I'm going to fuel my blue lantern ring with the hope that the secret bat-book holds an even greater secret.

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I think the only influence is Joker is taking down the members of Batman's team simultaneously and separately.

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i doubt this is a part of continuity. but about a year ago they released this big interactive book called The Batman Files which was "written" by Bruce Wayne as a kind of record of all the villains and heroes. the idea was that it was being passed down to the next protector of Gotham. if the book joker has isnt directly this i think its valid to argue Batman would have something similar. hes always prepared. and as Joker has shown in his conversation with Gordon (the whole "I've been under your bed listening to you sleep" thing) he is capable of sneaking around to the point where the single most recognizable villain in all of the DCuN has disappeared completely without anyone seeing him for an entire year. maybe he followed Batman back to the Cave. maybe he stole that book. personally, I hope he didnt and hes just bluffing. a lot of the fun with Joker was he did not care who Batman was. he did not even want to know.

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I think that SS could have taken some ideas but I do no think he would have taken it so word for word. Maybe Joker will act like he was the script on the rest of the family but has nothing.

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I think he meant only as an influence on Joker getting all this information to defeat all the batman family

not really about Batman having a list

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So the whole plot of this story comes down to the Joker stealing a book that never existed(until it was shoehorned in to the story) and using it to target the Batfamily? How did he even get his hands on it? better yet how did he even discover it's existence? and why would Batman write when he has flipping computers.

Clearly Snyder's idea of making the Joker a bigger threat seems to involve ninja and combat training,may I ask why stop there? just give him superpowers and be done with it.And then fans are gonna go"OMG Snyder gave Joker superpowers, this is so AWESOME AND ORIGINAL,how come other writers never thought of that"?

It's like having Batman run around killing people with guns or Alfred being the biggest mobster in Gotham,that's shocking too... and stupid.

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