Death of the Family; part 2

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The Death of the Family story arc may be over, however the death of the batfamily is still continuing.

The 'epic conclusion' of the story arc was admittedly well done with defeating the Joker, however I would argue the Death of the Family refers to DC comics wanting to get it through the fan's minds that the Batfamily we use to love is forever gone and changed. The things about the characters that originally drew me to them has been completely changed in the New 52, yet I continue to read in hopes the new plots and characters will grasp my attention. However seeing Bruce trying to reconnect the family and all of them declining? That was kind of a last straw for me.

I am sad to report very little keeps me coming back to DC comics now. I have been reading since the New 52 started and slowly dropping titles that just don't grasp my attention anymore.

Batman and Robin #16 to me was the perfect wrap up of the story arc for Bruce, Alfred, and Damian. I especially enjoyed seeing the progression of Bruce and Damian's relationship and them finally getting along.

And then the promos for the next set of comics came. A cover of Jason dead in the Outlaws and Robin RIP.

Really? Two of the few characters I still like are supposedly going to die? As a fan, this saddens me. DC constantly has to have these End of the World story arcs with tons of drama and little else. While yes, pretty much everyone reads comics for the action, I still want a little bit more thrown in. A little character development, some good banter. Jason and Tim had some great banter earlier in Teen Titans #16 , I loved that, and it was still an action packed comic.

So this is still the Death of the Family though DC is running the show instead of the Joker.

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