could joseph gordon levitt pull off batman for JL movie???

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we were all thinking it when he went into the bat cave. he could be the one beside henry cavill

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he would have to pack on the muscle. but yes I think he could do it

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I think he'd make a better Batman than Bale.

I never understood why people like Bale's Batman. I thought his Wayne was damn good, but his Batman annoyed me. Just from him talking alone.

"whershdatrigr?" "wiyawanakellmeh?" "dontpraygahmeswifmejukr."

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No I don't.

#5 Posted by dcdyno (148 posts) - - Show Bio

I agree there was a lot of batman issues with the first two films. and I think bale had to bulk up before he got the part

#6 Posted by DraZah (58 posts) - - Show Bio

JGL Would'nt even make a good robin, dick or otherwise. So no, he's no where near convincing enough for Batman

And I pray people understand that.

#7 Posted by dcdyno (148 posts) - - Show Bio

he is a mix of Jason Todd and Dick Grayson (nightwing). to me.

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He could do it, he seems like he could be a like able Batman, but he would have to put on major muscle.

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They've already confimed Nolan's Batman trilogy is a separate universe, so no, making JGL Batman would only confuse everyone.

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no bale should be it

#12 Posted by batmannflash (6272 posts) - - Show Bio

No one from the Nolanverse please. Even if the Nolanverse was connected to Man of Steel, JGL would definitely not be convincing as a Batman. Even if he bulks up, I don't see him looking tough enough. IDK how to explain it, he just doesn't have that Batman feel to him.

Dick Grayson, maybe.

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NOT GRAYSON EITHER. perfect terry mcginnis, though!

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He could...whether he should is another matter entirely.

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NOT GRAYSON EITHER. perfect terry mcginnis, though!

Isn't Terry McGinnis Bruce Wayne's clone? Just younger.

I'm against JGL being Bat anything. He looks goofy.

#16 Posted by Farkam (5576 posts) - - Show Bio

No. He doesn't have the right look. As Nightwing on the other hand...

#17 Posted by Tacos_Kickass (844 posts) - - Show Bio

Hes too much of a dork, hes not bad ass enough to be Batman and he would ruin the character, it would be like getting that goober from that 70's show to play Venom... oh wait...

#18 Posted by russellmania77 (16625 posts) - - Show Bio

Hell no. (Although he is a great actor, n I been a fan since 3rd rock)

#19 Posted by Pokeysteve (8993 posts) - - Show Bio

That scene where he finds the Batcave was hilarious. Here's this guy with almost no training or knowledge of Batman's gear and he's gonna take over hahaha even Bruce himself struggled.

They damn sure better recast and ignore Nolan's Batman.

#20 Posted by Johnni_Kun (290 posts) - - Show Bio

@pokeysteve: Just because he found the Batcave doesn't mean he was going to go be Batman the next day. He found the resources, that was all.

I think he's too short. JGL is about 5,9. I don't think he's going to look intimidating enough when next to the other superheroes. But, acting wise....he could probably figures something out, and pull it off. He does have talent.

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I love JGL but I don't think he can handle this role.Bale wasn't the best Batman but his Bruce Wayne was really damn good.While JGL's character didn't look like that serious of a guy to be Batman.

#22 Posted by Black_Arrow (4671 posts) - - Show Bio

@czechoslovakia said:


NOT GRAYSON EITHER. perfect terry mcginnis, though!

Isn't Terry McGinnis Bruce Wayne's clone? Just younger.

I'm against JGL being Bat anything. He looks goofy.

It is not his clone it is his son

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This again?


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Unless he was made Bruce Wayne (which I'm also against as that would confuse a lot of dumbasses) because I sure as hell DO NOT want that John Blake character being Batman

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Uhm... NO!

I like the Nolan trilogy, I really do, but it's not The Goddamn Batman, and that's what I want to see in a JLA movie. I also want to see Bruce Wayne, and not some successor or other.

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As long as he's playing a Dick Grayson sort of deal.

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His character was build to be Robin, so it would had little sense to have him there, also Nolan said it was over and lets face it the ending let you know something really big should happen so Wayne decide to be Batman again, also the ending is Golden Age Earth 2 Batman life, so if he gets back that mean Catwoman would die and i would hate to see her dying on screen, i mean Flash should be the one that dies in this movies.

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dick grayson was a cop and batman at one time.

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Decent enough actor but I think there are other actors that would fit the part better.

Why do people keeping bring up JGL? Is it because of Dark Knight Rising?

That movie sucked and I would not want to be reminded of it if a new Batman, or Justice League movie was made.

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well I liked his detective scenes and the scene were he went into the bat cave got people excited

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I think he definitely could do a great job with it. Christian Bale could too, they both have a great track record in the movies.

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