Character page keeps changing.

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Okay at the moment the page ends on the Hush story arc an older story which currently has not real significance on the character with the last image of Knightfall (a nineteen year story) a few hours ago I updated the page to include current information while staying brief and not going into great detail as the rules on the page said but twice now the page has reverted to an older version can someone say why it keeps changing back?

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i thought the updates had to be approved by the mods or the staff

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@johnny spam: test again I think it was a glitch in the system?
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Whoa ... the current majpr story arc section seem pretty pointless, well not entirelly after reading it I got the understanding that Hush is a pretty insignificant story.
    Another major story arc was Hush, which teased the return of Jason Todd -- though it was not him.  Created by Jim Lee and Jeff Loeb, Hush brought another deadly villain to Batman's doorstep, literally, since the villain Hush actually knew Batman's secret identity.  
So it was a story about Jason Todd ... but not really... oh yeah it created by those two guy.
Anyway good luck, you could try to directly pm some mods or red lamp.
edit:Meh I am really slow to post -.-

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