Can Batman fly

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can batman flys? Like super man i mean. an spiderman. My sister say that batman can fly. She say he can transform into bat. i say he normal man like superMAN and hes not a shapeshifter like Jacob in twilight.

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Batman can't fly and has no actual Super powers also Superman isn't a normal dude he's an alien with godlike powers

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Actually he can fly. I looked it up on Yahoo! Answers. He's a shapeshifter just like Jacob!! OMG!!!

Your welcome.

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@sniffnuggets: Your profile picture is so cute sniffy!!

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@joshmightbe: they're obviously trolling

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XD aw thanks ur so sweet! wanna rp sometime?

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@sniffnuggets: Hey sniffy, what does rp mean??

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No.He can't.

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No he can't superpowers are for pussies, ok just kidding, but still.

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he does have jetpack so yes he can fly.

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Slap your sister. She doesn't know what she is talking about.

Batman used to be able only to swing on his rope, but then the retractable claw thing caught on in the nineties early nineties (I'm guessing due to the animated series) and he gained the ability to get to the tops of building very quickly.

Now, he pretty much swoop anytime he wants due to a specially made cape which can slow his descent. I believe this caught on from the Nolan movies.

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No batman has no super powers. He can not fly

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Batman can't fly or shapeshift, and Spiderman can't fly eachother.

Also Superman is not really a normal man, he's an Alien-Godlike-Thing ( Long story ).

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While the answer is "generally" no, what do mean "can he" and "fly" because the answer varies based on a number of variables.If you mean his standard gear and what people generally mean by fly then no he can't, but if you mean glide... yes he can, or if you mean does he have the tech... yes he can.

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this thread got kind of creepy there towards the middle

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@danhimself said:

this thread got kind of creepy there towards the middle

Exactly what I thought.

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this is a stupid troll thread everyone knows batman doesnt have any powers and cant fly. everyone knows superman is an alien not a normal person and that spiderman doesnt fly

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Why don't you simmer down a little bit, baby. Ok? Hun, it's alright! You and I can make it through this! All you need is a little bit of nuggets! Ask sniffy, he will tell you! Nuggets make everything better.

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This thread really got off topic.

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