Buy the old detective comics.

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I'm a bit newbie when it comes to batman comics, and I would like to know where or how i can find the old detective comics or the old batman comics?

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Your local comic book shop should have back issues of both of those titles. Barring that you could always purchase collected trades culled from those series.

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Yes I thougt about that, there's just one problem - there ain't any good comic shop near where I live.

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You could try eBay.

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As mentioned above, eBay is a good place to look. Or if you don't mind digital comics rather than print you could find a lot of pre-Flashpoint Detective Comics there.

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Buy them here:

Most of the time, eBay can get a little pricey, these guys sell bronze and modern age really cheap. It's basically eBay for comics without the auction part.

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