Best Batman lines

#1 Posted by Stronger (4948 posts) - - Show Bio

My favourite!!!!!!

#2 Posted by Decoy Elite (30041 posts) - - Show Bio

Broken image is a great line, but my fav is probably the line from Batman Year One. 

#3 Posted by The_Tree (7044 posts) - - Show Bio

"Obvious variations aside, there's only one human body... 206 bones, five major organs, 60,000 miles of blood vessels. All it takes is time. Days. Months. Years, spent memorizing the finite ways there are to hurt and break a man. Preparing for all of them. I've escaped from every conceivable deathtrap. Ten Times. A dozen times. I can slow my breathing and metabolism to control panic and conserve air. Straitjacket's kindergarten. Locks, too. Benchpressing a pine coffin lid through 600 pounds of loose soil that's filling your mouth, crushing your lungs flat and shredding your dehydrated muscles? That's harder. But far from impossible." - Batman (Batman #681, Batman RIP)

#4 Posted by Crash_Recovery (850 posts) - - Show Bio

"First time I ever hit a man with Motor Neuron disease"

#5 Posted by FatihBATMAN (1389 posts) - - Show Bio

"I never dream"

#6 Posted by RedK (2521 posts) - - Show Bio

when Damien gets in the batmobile in batman & robin annual 2013 "The night is mine"

#7 Posted by Decoy Elite (30041 posts) - - Show Bio

@Crash_Recovery: I love that scene. "Did I just see you cheating?" "Winning."

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