Best Bane Arcs and Issue #s

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I have only ready a few pre new52 batman stories. What are some of the best ones with Bane in them? I figured it would be nice to read up a little bit before the movie comes out.

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Knightfall. /knightfall/39-40761/

You'd want all three volumes. It's the best Bane story and one of the best Batman stories.

Also, No Man's Land has some good Bane stuff, but he's not present throughout most of the five volumes.

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@Tunsieon: Thanks for the info. I downloaded the first couple issues from Comixology. It's really good so far. Why is Batman so weak at the moment.

@k4tzm4n: I will definitely look into that after I read through Knightfall.

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Simone's last run on Secret Six. The final issue is one of my favorite single issues period.

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