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Hello all,

Basically, I'm new to ComicVine. I've been around but I've never posted.

My name is Victor Leung, from Hong Kong. I'm working on a project known as the Personal Project, which is a student-led project of choice.

The goal of my personal project is to improve my 3D design skills through the creation of a Batmobile.

So I was hoping people on the forum could help me out my answering a few /all of my questions or just simply posting some comments/suggestions.

  1. What do you like about Batman?
  2. What are his characteristics?
  3. What are some of the iconic elements of Batman? (Cape & Cowl, Robin... etc.)
  4. Do you feel that the Batmobile is important to Batman?
  5. Favorite Batmobile?
  6. If you could design your own Batmobile, would you add any specific features? (Internally or Externally)
  7. Anything else you may like to add about Batman, the Batmobile?

Hopefully, I could post an image of my final creation at the end of the project. ( No Guarantees it will be at all good.)


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@vleung628: Welcome to the Vine!

1. He's Batman... That's really it. I like Batman because he's Batman. Meaning that to put a more extensive explanation on it, I like Batman because while he is just a normal dude, he fights some of the worst villains in the DCU, and fights alongside the most powerful beings as well. And he does it without any powers, just pure skill and paranoia planning.

2. Cunning, intelligent, strategic, skilled combatant, stubborn, distrustful, full of resentment at the world, obsessive, nocturnal, insomniac.

3. While the Cape and cowl is right, the most iconic element of Batman is the drama. Not in a childish 'MY LIFE IS SO HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD' type of drama, a 'WHAT THE **** WAS THAT **** NOW IT'S OVER THERE WHERE IS IT WHERE IS IT WHERE IS IT OH GOD PLEASE NO NO NO!' drama. The most iconic thing about Batman is that in the eyes of criminals, Batman is more superhuman than even Superman. Not just superhuman, he's a monster. That thing in the dark you won't admit is there. That overwhelming sense of fear and dread when you walk down an empty street at night. That's what Batman is to his enemies, and that's the most iconic thing about him, in my opinion.

4. Only insofar as he needs a way to get around and he can't fly. At all.

5. I'm quite partial to the Tumbler from Nolan's movies.

6. Personally? Large size cupholder.

7. Keep in mind that Batman is, like I said, all about fear and intimidation. Everything Batman uses is designed to intimidate his opponents. His batarangs are his calling card, when criminals see one, they know he's somewhere, but no idea where. The cape masks his body, and makes him appear far larger than he is. The bat symbol on his chest draws the eye, signalling that yes, this is Batman. And yes, bad guys are screwed. Even Robin is designed as such. His bright outfit is supposed to draw the eye away from Batman. While they glance away at the bright colors of Robin's costume, suddenly Batman is gone. So when designing the Batmobile, don't think of it as a vehicle first. Think of it as moving terror. What can you do to make this vehicle terrifying, a moving tank of intimidation? THEN start making it functional as a mode of transportation. If possible, try and cast the model in darkness as you're working on it, so you can see how it works within it, see how it moves and blends within the shadows. Make it disappear as much as possible, then turn on it's lights to make it appear.

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