Batman's Soulmate

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Batman is a notorious ladies man. But there seem to be two women who his heart yearns for most. The feline fatale Catwoman or the cunning daughter of Ra's al Ghul, Talia. Catwoman vs Talia. Who do ou think Batman's heart belongs to

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I always thought that Wonder Woman is the best woman for him, but of those two I'd chose Selina.

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Zatanna is the correct answer

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i'm going to be the idiot and say joker

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oh no.....not this again....everyone knows the answer.....just read HoH.....please

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Out of all his love interests, I'd actually think Talia would be the best choice.

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Ha! 5 different people so far and 5 different answers (even though one is a joke). Bruce really does get around

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Talia is Batman's true love.. Catwoman is 2 dollar h**

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Even I'm tired of this gag.
Tired of providing the evidence that Talia is his soul mate! Baha!

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Don't trust Leviathan D:< , Go on Selina :D

PD: You don't have more imagination -_- Do you?

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Catwoman all the way. By the way whatever happened to that little pipsqueak Kitrina Falcone aka Catgirl

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- Batman's only soulmate is the mission

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Why not Superman?

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Crime is Batman's soul mate!

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If I had a choice, I would choose Wonder Woman to be Batman's soulmate, they're perfect for each other in my opinion. But realistically, IF someone were to hitch batman with someone, it would most likely be with Catwoman.

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Selina, duh.

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Diana Prince. No contest.

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Alfred is the power bottom .

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Catwoman all the way!!!!!!

or Alfred, he's high up there too

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@Tunsieon: ahahahaha..... i sincerely hope you're joking.......that would be the worst pairing in DCu.....

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Diana is his one and only soulmate.

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1. Zatanna

2. Selina/ and or Diana

3. Talia

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I'd say catwoman. self trained and motivated to do what she does, more in common with batman. I don't think talia can be a soulmate given her ideologies...

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Crazy chick with the crazy suit!!!!

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All you have to do is read some Elseworlds and stuff set in other universes and you'll quickly see that no matter how different things are, no matter how things are changed around... 2 things remain constant 9 times out of 10.

Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle.

While you will encounter circumstantial exceptions to this rule it occurs with enough frequency to allow us to answer the OP's question with confidence.

Selina Kyle.

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Vicki Vale

That would be just awesome

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  • Alfred
  • Dick Grayson
  • Jason Todd
  • Tim Drake
  • Damian Wayne


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i think Selina fits better with Bruce in my opion.

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