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i got i finally understand how batman's trick works , if a person turns away for a second or close his/her eyes batman disappears and end up behind the victims or allies. I got one other thing that no one figure it out , batman got a device that allows him to teleport just like deadpool . if may say its not true but how can man like him move so damn quickly? don't tell me he's a ninja and stuff the device on his bat-belt allows him to teleport . of example if you would of slam the door at batman then open it , batman would not be there anymore he would be behind you ! in episode of mad love in the new adventures of batman , the joker jumps off the roof and lands on a train , the joker laughs at batman saying nah nah boo boo but as soon as joker took his eyes off batman he suddenly behind the joker ! this happen several times in the nolan's batman movies also. BATMAN GOT A TELEPORTING DEVICE UNDER HIS BELT SO THIS HAS BEEN BUSTED!!

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Or he is a ninja...

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Well he vanishes in the Nolan movies and I'm pretty sure he doesn't teleport.

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Batman doesn't teleport...he's just really fast and quiet...

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@ArtGamer: heh
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he is trained as part of ra's al ghul league of shadows. so he is a trained ninja.

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It's probably just as simple as him ducking behind something really quickly, or jumping quietly off a building edge while someone is distracted and recovering when they leave.

However, in the comics, they use a teleporter to get to the Justice League Watchtower. So on that token, I say, why the hell can't Batman have a teleporter?

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nope he uses a teleporting device to get to point A to point B and C to zip behind you to knock your ass out

#10 Posted by Mega_spidey01 (3080 posts) - - Show Bio

@batshrine said:

Or he is a ninja...

same goes others like black panther. batman is a badass ninja.

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Horror movie trick really , like how Jason Voorhees always got the jump on horny teenagers far ahead

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Batman is a freakin' ninja. Deal with it.

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@serpent222: He could have a teleporter, but as was shown in Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul, the JL teleporter requires a code to be spoken and then is a bright. I'm sure Gordon is smart enough to realize Batman is saying a code and a bright flash goes off just before he disappears.

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