Batman's Death-Contemplations

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If Batman (Bruce Wayne) was to permanently die without returning what would be his tragic end? How and where will 'kick the bucket' and what would be the terrible story behind this? If he has a killer, who will it be? What the aftermath be like in his absence? Great ideas welcome!

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Bruce Wayne may die but Batman and his legacy would live on.

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@mrdecepticonleader said:

Bruce Wayne may die but Batman and his legacy would live on.

So Dick Grayson would resume the mantle like he did before?

#4 Posted by mrdecepticonleader (19006 posts) - - Show Bio

@CrimsonCake said:

@mrdecepticonleader said:

Bruce Wayne may die but Batman and his legacy would live on.

So Dick Grayson would resume the mantle like he did before?

I dont know maybe.

#5 Posted by MACarpenter (14 posts) - - Show Bio

batman and joker fall into the acid and die together.

#6 Posted by FatihBATMAN (1389 posts) - - Show Bio

hmm... dont think any writers would dare kill him off...

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Shot in Crime Alley. That'd be interesting to me.

#8 Posted by FatihBATMAN (1389 posts) - - Show Bio

Yea shot in crime alley, and having a near death experience!

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Hmm. This topic is too big to really do justice.

Personally, I like the idea of Bruce dying from a shot from a lucky thug. Everybody would think it would be a huge threat or a classic enemy, but I would prefer to see him downed by something simple. He just does not move quite fast enough, and bang, he is dying. I think it would be interesting if he had a little a few hours to get his affairs in order. Say some last goodbyes. I think that would be immensely touching and heart wrenching.

In the aftermath, it is hard to say. The obvious would be that Dick would take over, but I am not sure he could last in that role. I think there would need to be a new Batman eventually. Someone who is one with the shadows.

The rest of the Family would go on fighting. You could do all sorts of things with such a plot line.

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Joker kills another Robin. Kidnaps Damien and kills him, beating him with a crowbar and blowing the building up. Batman goes after him again. This time, no one stops him. Batman finally kills the Joker. The old guard police of Gotham don't object, but the new guys and the people demand Batman pays for murder. The League comes in to try and speak with Batman, but he's gone. Alfred doesn't know where. That night, Arkham Asylum, complete with villains inside, is destroyed. No civilians caught in it, but all the villains die. The League begins to search more intently. Over the next year, no one finds Batman, but the League of Assassin's gains a new leader, who leads them against all crime throughout the world, so subtle that by the time the League finds their victims, they're already gone. Finally, Dick Grayson visits Crime Alley on the anniversary of the Wayne's death, and finds Bruce there. Dick didn't call any back up. They have a talk about how Batman has crossed the line and broken every rule he ever had. The conversation ends with Dick saying: "This isn't what Batman was supposed to be, not what he was supposed to stand for!"

To which Bruce replies: "Many years ago I told Joker that we'd kill each other. I was right. Bruce Wayne died the same night his parents did, on this very spot. Batman died with the Joker." And he vanishes into the night.

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