Batman's Cape and Cowl: Blue or Black?

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Honestly I'm used to the black one. It's more modern and fits in with his persona. Blue isn't the stealthiest of colors, it's like how Naruto's jumpsuit was orange...he's a frickin' ninja! Orange is literally the color hunters use to make their presence known for safety concerns. That having been said, I really like when he has a very dark blue cape and cowl. See Batman: Hush for reference.

Anyways, what do you guys think?

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black,and it makes more sense because who has ever seen a blue bat.

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Batman's classic blue cowl should only really used for nostalgia, although his black cape and cowl was the one orignally used. His cowl can often look like a mixture of the two colours, a darkish-blue. Using black would make greater sense- it's better for stealth, it suits his dark character the best, it's more 'bat-like', and it looks much better for the costume, with greater contrast with the striking yellow belt.

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I think in movies black works best but I think I am safe in saying the cape and cowl looked awesome in Batman The Animated Series Series 1-3 anyway, 4 looked ok in my opinion.

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I prefer batman zurr en arr costume. but seriously, black

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a little dark blue in there wouldnt hurt? :D

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I like the blue. But it should be black.

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Black, with a bit of a blue tinge.

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I'm going to start the opposition and say blue. He's been blue for most of career. Even in recent years he's been mostly blue. Here's one from Batman Rip

Tony Daniel drew him blue for the entire duration of Grant Morrison's run. Here's another from the beginning of of Morrison's run with Batman and Son.

Most of Jim Lee's iconic Batman art has him in blue.

Personally, Neal Adam's always summed Batman up best for me.

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I prefer his cape to be african-american.

#15 Posted by FatihBATMAN (1395 posts) - - Show Bio good one... there

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@JakeN7 said:

That having been said, I really like when he has a very dark blue cape and cowl. See Batman: Hush for reference.

I like black, but I think dark blue is prettier. Although Batman probably doesn't want to look pretty.

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I actually thought that it was always black, but was sometimes drawn shaded with blues. Even when they show his or Clark's hair it's always highlighted with blues because it's the easiest way to shadow black.

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Actually very dark blue is better for night camo than straight up black

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Black, please.

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Black with hints of blue like his cape and cowl on TAS.

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New52 Batman has always been drawn wearing black cowl. Pre-flashpoint is more of the blue... Except in the Troika arc.

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