Batman vs The Illuminati

#1 Posted by ObeliskTheTormenter (34 posts) - - Show Bio

What if Batman were to decide to try and take out the rulers of the world? or as many think the Illuminati, or the Rothschild family. Would the genius of Bruce Wayne be able to go to war with the Illuminati?

#2 Posted by FatihBATMAN (1395 posts) - - Show Bio

Didnt he do kind of do that in the court of owls? havent read that arc so no spoilers please :D!

#3 Posted by Skewer (348 posts) - - Show Bio

He's already got someone in his rogues gallery that's just like the illuminati. He's called ra's al ghul!

#4 Posted by BatWatch (4132 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah, as the others have said, this has already been done to one degree or another. I am afraid the Illuminati is too poorly defined to really make a call on the matter.

#5 Posted by Saucedo17 (137 posts) - - Show Bio

Well he's beaten group that are closely describe as the Illuminati like the League of Assassins and the Court of Owls

#6 Posted by ObeliskTheTormenter (34 posts) - - Show Bio

@Skewer: Was thinking that myself

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