Batman Volume 1 (Scott Snyder)

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@chalkshark: Do you have a link to clarify?

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It ends with issue 7

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@InfamousFish: 11 finish everything, 12 is the epilogue

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@nickzambuto said:

@InfamousFish said:

Hey guys I am getting this tomorrow ( and I was wondering. What issue does it stop at? Thanks and have a nice night.

In the page you linked, it says it's issues 1-7, which isn't the entire Court of Olws arc.

Thank you, I am sorry for missing that info.

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It is most definately 1-7.

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@derf_jenkins: Thank you, I see some people above got it wrong.

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Batman Volume 1 Court of Owls contains issues 1-7. It technically does contain the whole Court of Owls arc because the next issues that follow fall into the Night of the Owls arc which are 8-11 and possibly 12 which some consider to be an epilogue but I feel that it merely expands on a side character rather than provide a sense of the effects of the whole Court/Night of the Owls arcs.

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@derf_jenkins: Thank you, I see some people above got it wrong.

Yeah, they were thinking of the arc, not the TPB. IIRC, the second TPB will have 8-12.

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I have it.

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