Batman timeline - incorporating Dick, Jason, Tim, Damian etc.

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Hello everyone! I'm currently busy filming timeline videos of all my Batman, Robin and Nightwing trades and separate issues (from Batman: Year One all the way to The New 52!).

The list of titles/story arcs/cross-overs is quite extensive, but maybe you guys can help me, maybe add some titles and sort things out?

Oh, and please, forget The New 52 crap (for now)...I want to present a correct Batman timeline with important events concerning ALL Robins, Nightwing and (some) Batgirl.

So, please add, comment, correct, JUMP IN!

Also, some knowledge is needed about the exact place of ALL Crises!!!

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Nice, thanks!

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Here is an updated version of my Batman timeline. Any suggestions/additions are welcome!

Batman: Year One

Catwoman: Her Sister’s Keeper

Batman: Shaman (see note)

--> Issue #1 overlaps with Batman: Year One, Batman #404-405. It begins with Bruce's last training stop in Alaska before returning to Gotham City.

Batman And The Monster Men

Batman And The Mad Monk

Batman: Prey

Batman: Dark Legends

Batman: The Man Who Laughs

Batman: Dead To Rights

Batman: Gothic

Batman: Venom

Batman: Going Sane

Batman: Four Of A Kind

Batman: Collected Legends

Batman: Other Realms

Batman: Snow

Batman: Year Two

Batman: Long Halloween

Catwoman: When In Rome (takes place during Batman: Dark Victory)

Batman: Dark Victory

Robin: Year One

Robin: The Gauntlet

Batgirl: Year One

Batman: Faces

Batman: Terror

Batman: Monsters

Batman: Rules Of Engagement

Batman: Full Circle

Batman: Fortunate Son

Batman: Night Cries

Batman: Cat & The Bat

Batman: King Tut’s Tomb

Batman: Tales Of The Demon

Batman: Strange Apparitions

Nightwing: Year One (see note)

--> Post-Crisis (?) version of how and why Dick stopped being Robin - conflicts with Batman #408-409...Help needed!

Batman: Dark Detective

Batman: The Wrath


Batman: The Killing Joke

Batman #408-409: Did Robin Die Tonight/Just Another Kid On Crime Alley

Batman: Ten Nights o/t Beast

Batman: The Cult

Batman: A Death In The Family

Batman: Blind Justice

Batman: The Many Deaths…

Batman: Year Three

Batman: Lonely Place Of Dying

Batman: Bride Of The Demon

Robin: Tragedy & Triumph

Robin: A Hero Reborn

Batman: The Last Arkham

Batman: Birth Of The Demon

Batman: Sword Of Azrael

Robin: Cry Of The Huntress

Batman: Vengeance Of Bane

Batman: Knightfall

Batman: Prodigal

Batman: Troika

Nightwing: Ties That Bind

Robin: Flying Solo

Nightwing: A Knight In Blüdhaven

ZERO HOUR/ZERO MONTH: The Beginning Of Tomorrow

Batman: Anarky

Batman: The Chalice

Batman: Contagion

Nightwing: Rough Justice

Batman: Legacy (Incl. Batman: Bane Of The Demon & Batman: Bane)

Batman: Cataclysm

Nightwing: Love & Bullets

Batman: Aftershock

Batman: Road To No Man's Land

Batman: No Man's Land

Nightwing: A Darker Shade Of Justice (see note)

Batman: Harley Quinn (see note)

--> Between Batman: No Man's Land Vol. 3 and 4 - OLD EDITIONS or between Batman: No Man's Land Vol. 2 and 3 - NEW EDITIONS.

Nightwing: The Hunt For Oracle

Batman: Evolution

Nightwing: Big Guns

Nightwing: On The Razor’s Edge

Batman: Officer Down

Batman: False Faces

Batman: Bruce Wayne: Murderer?

Batman: Bruce Wayne: Fugitive?

Batman: Hush

Batman: Death And The Maidens

Batman: Broken City

Batman: As The Crow Flies

Robin: Unmasked

Batman: War Drums

Batman: War Games

Robin/Batgirl: Fresh Blood


Batman: Hush Returns

Batman: City Of Crime

Nightwing: Mobbed Up

Robin: To Kill A Bird

Batman: Under The Hood

Red Hood: The Lost Days

Batman: War Crimes

Robin: Days Of Fire & Madness

Nightwing: Renegade


--> Runs concurrently with the concluding chapters of Batman: Under The Hood.


Batman: Face The Face

Nightwing: Brothers In Blood

Robin: Wanted

Batman: Detective

Nightwing: Love & War

Robin: Teenage Wasteland

Batman: Death And The City


Robin: The Big Leagues

Batman: Cacophony

Batman: Gotham Underground

Batman: Batman & Son (see note)

--> Batman: Son Of The Demon was never intended to be in continuity at the time of publication. When Grant Morrison wrote Batman & Son there was much talk that he was bringing it into continuity, but he made several changes to the conception of the baby that made it impossible. Morrison stated numerous times that he wasn't bringing it into continuity, but rather using the concept for his own means. He has clarified this in a way that will take a little explaining because it crosses three totally seperate continuities.

1986-2011: Damian is introduced and his origin is referenced numerous times but never explicitly shown.

2011-Present: Batman Incorporated Vol 2 #2 clearly shows Damian to have been conceived at the very end of...

1939-1986: ...Batman #244.

Batman: Resurrection Of Ra's Al Ghul

Batman: & The Black Glove

Batman: Private Casebook

Batman: Heart Of Hush

Nightwing: Freefall

Robin: Violent Tendencies

Batman: The Black Casebook

Batman: R.I.P. (Incl. Last Rites)


Nightwing: The Great Leap

Robin: Scattered Pieces

Robin: Search For A Hero

Batman: Whatever...Caped Crusader?

Batman: Battle For The Cowl + Companion

Batman: Long Shadows

Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn

Batman: Streets Of Gotham: Hush Money

Batman: Streets Of Gotham: Leviathan

Batman: Streets of Gotham: House Of Hush

Batman & Robin: Batman vs Robin

Batman: Life After Death

Batman: Arkham Reborn

Batman: Time & The Batman

Batman: The Return Of Bruce Wayne

Batman: Bruce Wayne: The Road Home

Batman & Robin: Batman Must Die

Batman: The Return

Batman: Eye Of The Beholder

Batman: The Black Mirror

Batman: The Dark Knight: Golden Dawn

Batman & Robin: Dark Knight vs White Knight

Batman: Gotham Shall Be Judged

Batman: Gates Of Gotham

Batman Incorporated

Batman Inc.: Leviathan Strikes



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thanks i use your website for reading

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