Batman: The Return, what do you think of the bat in the begining?

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At the beginning of The Return, Morrison goes over the bat crashing through a window scene from Year One. However, he gives a little bit more background on the bat's side of the story. What do you think the bat is supposed to represent here? Does it represent something different from the one in Year One? And also, the bat flies through an open window instead of crashing through. This is a reference to The Butler Did It, but what does this change signify? The rebirth of a different Batman? I would love to know what you guys think.

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In Batman Year one, it just seemed coincidence, but then again I don't believe in coincidence. Imagine if a squirrel jumped threw the window!

Anyways, I do think that the Bat has become a more darker symbol for Batman in The Returns. It becomes more demonic, somehow. I think it might have to do with the fact Bruce had to hold back his inner Batman for 10 years due to Jason's death. And he just couldn't hold it in anymore.

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