Batman the dark knight returns part 2....Question (Spoiler Alert)

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batman the dark knight returns part 2....Question (Spoiler Alert)

After watching batman the dark knight returns part 2 who does Superman really fighting for and why is he taking orders from from the President when its pretty clear that the government is up to something bad.....going towards to the end of the movie Green Arrow joins Batman to defeat Superman

if some one can help me understand why has the man of steel gonna bad ????

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@sicario2020: He's not bad. See, years before TDKR takes place some unseen event occurs and the government forces all the supers to retire. This is similar to the Watchmen or New Frontier. Superman is "allowed' to continue operating as long as he stays out of the lime light. Superman accepts this because all he really want's to do is save people. Occasionally however, as we see in the story, Superman has to do things he doesn't really want to in order to be allowed to keep operating.

You might think, "well how could they stop superman from operating if he didn't want to stop," but think of it like this; if the government issued a federal mandate that Superman was to apprehended or killed on sight it would inevitably lead to destruction and possibly loss of lives.

Superman's only taking the route he sees as most effective to help the most amount of people.

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@Onemoreposter: thanks for clearing that up for me it really had thinking and looking for answers online .......the movie makes it look like conspiracy that all these superheroes banish and stop helping people ......IMO it would be nice if DC would make movie on how the heroes were forced to retire and there retaliation against the government

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@sicario2020: Well, there is a conspiracy type explanation you'll see if you read The Dark Knight Strikes Again, which is the sequel to The Dark Knight Returns.

However, alot of people didn't like the sequel and just sort of ignore it. In any case you should pick it up and read it though. You know The Dark Knight Returns is based on a popular graphic novel by Frank Miller yeah?

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