Batman Reboot in 2016 based on Batman: Arkham Asylum

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I definitely think this is exciting news if it's true. Arkham Asylum and Arkham City had a pretty good feel to them.

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I like the idea of going with the tone and plots of the Arkham Asylum/City games, however I think that the inclusion of multiple villains would be bad for the movie. It is unreasonable to place Bane, Scarecrow, or Freeze as a side plot of the movie and then feature them as a main baddie in a later film. The villains would not be thought of as a threat, as Batman took them out relatively easily in an earlier movie.

Though the plots could be reworked so that it is just Joker and his thugs with relative ease. This would also be a great introduction of Harley into the movie universe.

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Does this mean we could see robin in these movies?

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@r3d_rob1n: I dont know if they will necessarily incorporate all those villains...maybe just a few at least for the first movie...the million dollar question is who or how theyre gonna deal with the Joker

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@constocorp: Well technically Robin wasn't in AA but if they base the reboot on that whole Arkham universe including Arkham City, then sure why not....

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That could be interesting, more dark story :)

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I hope they go in that direction. The comic it was based on was badass. Trippy but badass

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@MB25: I'm not too worried about dealing with the Joker. I believe that the character has more depth and is more iconic than Heath Ledger's performance. I was a fan of his portrayal in The Dark Knight, but to say that it is impossible to replace or reboot the character is ludicrous.

The one drawback is that Joker was so recently done. However, by the time this movie comes out it will have been close to 10 years since we saw the Clown Prince on the big screen. Adding Harley to the mix will also give a fresh feeling to the character.

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@r3d_rob1n: Very well put..and I completely agree

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hope this is true! due also to the favt that the batsuit in these games are my fav. costume!

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As long as Mr Freeze, Penguin and that lot is out. I'm game.

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@Frozen said:

As long as Mr Freeze, Penguin and that lot is out. I'm game.

You'll know that if Joel Shcaumacer is directing

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I'm actually hoping that the villain for the reboot will be Hugo Strange running either arkham asylum or Belle Reve Prison with the joker and specific other rogues they might wanna introduce down the line-as inmates

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Pretty cool news. If they really are basing it on Arkham Asylum it's probably gonna be pretty awesome, haha

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Im calling bullshit

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I'm indifferent on a live action Batman movie being based on Arkham Asylum.

However, the approach of re-establishing the more fantastical elements of Batman mythology back into the next franchise of films is something I would get behind.

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I dont like the idea of it being based on Arkham Asylum. But, as long as it has a robin that closely resembles the comic book one im okay with it

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it'd be great if they actually followed the plot of the comics more... I mean there are so many characters in the Batman family now and it's kinda sad that we've only gotten so far as Batman, Robin and Batgirl... with little-to-no character development at all.

it's also kind of a shame that, if it is going to be based on Arkham Asylum, and it is a reboot, then it will also reboot the villains... because with new villains there's no history between them and Batman... it's less personal and so there's less danger for him when he's trapped in there.

Plus it's going to end up like Dredd, or Die Hard... both great movies, but very few supporting characters... even without the traditional BatFamily, there is still Alfred and Commissioner Gordon... plus the woman who he eventually reveals his identity to. This will be Batman, pretty much on his own against every major criminal in Gotham City... sure, it would be nice, but I'd like there to be a build-up to it... give him more villains in that universe and then have them all return (a la Scarecrow) for the Arkham Asylum takeover.

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This is a good idea.

1. PLEASE give us a viable Robin (I know he wasn't a big character in the games, but we really need one). Someone mentioned this a while back, but tell the story from Robin's perspective - jump right into the dynamic duo, splice the origin here and there. I find it very sad the farthest we've ever really got in TV/film was Nightwing, Barbara and a Jason-Tim combo in TAS and RH + NW in the Red Hood movie). Batman has one of the best supporting casts out there, and it's barely been touched.

2. Avoid Bale villains (too recent, we want to move in a new direction and establish a "comicish" feel). Mr.Freeze was cool (...sorry..) in the city with the different tactics, Riddler was respectable, a Clayface/Strange duo might be really interesting (think of all the nasty schemes Hugo could pull off with a little shape-shifting).

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